Wednesday, July 17, 2019

FemmeLuxe For Summer

FemmeLuxeFinery is right now my favorite online clothing store boutique. They sell some of the hottest styles right now for Summer and even Winter. In the above picture I'm wearing the White Heart Lip Tee (Right now $7.00 57% off!) It's a crop top but it's not too short and for sure not too long. You can see the shirt a little better in the below pic, but it's form fitting and sexy. Stay cute with our White Heart Lip Print Tee. This simple tee with a sassy heart lip graphic print is perfect for you next day out. Perfect with overalls, pants or even a cute skirt. Perfect for Summer this is a must have.


The Grey Crop Jumper LoungeWear Set ($25) right now 49% off comes in camel, black and even a beautiful emerald green. Even if you're not as thin as me, this outfit is so form fitting, it makes you look slim in all the right places. Although the top is a little short for something I would wear out, this is so comfortable even in the 110 degree weather here in Arizona, that I don't mind the short top. The bottoms are extremely form fitting, so they will make your hips and butt look perfect, while making your waist and tummy look slim. Lounge in style in our Grey Crop Jumper Loungewear Set featuring cropped hoodie and long legged pants. Style with some cool, chunky trainers and you're good to go!

The Nude Crop Ribbed Two Piece Co-ord Set-Suzi (only $13 67% off!) is so adorable. It's very tight and form fitting, so if you're not comfortable with your body, this might not be the outfit for you. It's also extremely see through so a bra and underwear might be an option you might want to throw out the window with this one. I'm not sure where I will wear this to, but it's extremely comfortable and perfect for a night out on the town, date night, or even a walk in the park. Casual never looked better! The Nude Crop Ribbed Two Piece Set is a must have in your wardrobe this season. With its luxe cropped tee and matching ribbed bottoms, this luxury co-ord is a simple essential this season. Teamed with some sliders you have a cosy look perfect for everything from running errands through to relaxing at home. Teamed up with a chic coat and some perspex heels you can be sure of a killer look.

My favorite out of my entire haul is the Mid Wash Denim Button Down Denim Dress- Perry ($20 49% off!) This one is amazing over a long sleeved top, or when it's super hot, like here in Arizona, by itself. It's so comfortable and sexy at the same time, I wore this to the grocery store and my son's basketball game because it's casual, yet sexy. Look cute and bang on trend in our Mid Wash Denim Button Down Pinafore Dress! This little go to mini dress looks sweet teamed with chunky ankle boots and a suede jacket

They sell a variety of dresses, jumpers, pants, sweat outfits and more.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Why You Should Choose Peruvian Hair Weaves

Peruvian hair is loved by more and more hipster.It is one of the best hair types of weave in the market.So what makes the Peruvian hair stand out? Before choosing a Peruvian hair, you should learn about its benefits so that you can make the best of it.
Peruvian hair grows naturally straight, wavy or very curly. It comes in natural colors of dark or light brown. Peruvian virgin hair is thick and looks natural and full of volume even though the hair is lightweight, so you will need fewer bundles to finish the favorite full installation effect, which can help you to save money.It can blends well in medium Caucasian hair textures, as well as normal relaxed hair textures on African-American women.
It is comfortable
Peruvian hair is soft and lightweight, when you clip it onto your hair, you can feel natural and comfortable, you can't feel extra weight caused by your hair weave, so it does not affect your normal life and work.You can do your business dedicated without discomfort.

It is natural
For a hair wearer, one of the most concerned problems is if the hair weave looks natural when it's touched on real hair.It may be awkward that someone can tell you are wearing a hair extension outside, so choose a hair weave that owns a natural texture is the key.If your hair is wavy, you can pick a virgin Peruvian body wave hair , just pick the hair color that matches your hair tone. Virgin hair is healthy and untouched by harmful Chemical goods. The soft, smooth, and free from tangles' Peruvian hair weave can give you a natural look.

It is beautiful and practical
While Peruvian hair weave is not so lustrous, it actually is silky├ó€”which makes it really nice to touch, and makes it look great, especially in photos or videos. This is why most people prefer Peruvian hair from wholesale hair vendors whenever they have to go on shoots and the like.
It has various patterns
Peruvian Hair Weave is also flexible that when you choose to buy some, here are loads of patterns and styles to choose from in the market, like straight, curly, body wave and natural wave.You can choose a straight peruvian hair for a formal occasion, you can pick the glamorous wavy hair to attend your party, you can even pick a style to match your everyday mood.


Luxurious Advantages of Front Lace and Lace Wigs

Women get so very meticulous when it comes to hair care. Women regard hair as a very significant part of the body. Human hair wigs is so very essential and having healthy hair is one tool to achieve the outer beauty. Nowadays, hair treatments such as re-bonding and etc. are very ordinary and are the way out of the women who got hair damage.
Inevitably, hair is being damaged because of the treatment and because of the hairstyles applied to women especially during special occasions. To avoid these damages, wigs are designed to make you show beautiful.
These days one of the most well-liked types of wigs are the Indian Lace wigs since they provide women of all ethnic backgrounds with only the best superior quality. Indian Laces grant the appearance that the hair is actually growing from your scalp. These front lace can be worn from a few days up to thirty days, depending on the adhesive used. Lace fronts are worn by some of the hottest celebrities in the music and movie industry today. So if you ever wished you had hair like the stars, at this moment you can. Lace Fronts are the most excellent hair replacement solution because they do not damage your hairline, unlike weaves, fusion, strand-by-strand, and many other popular hair extension methods.

Lots of celebrities are wearing wigs because they put forward the most natural appearing hairline and allow you to have beautiful hair everyday! Celebrities such as Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, and Tyra Banks put on a lace front wig to achieve their glamorous look! Lace Front Wigs are an idyllic solution for hair loss as a result of the use of chemicals such as relaxers, and the residual effects of years of wearing braids and weaves. Today, wigs are worn by some people on a daily or occasional basis in everyday life. This is sometimes done for reasons of convenience, since wigs can be styled ahead of time. They are also worn by individuals who are experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons (most commonly cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or those who are suffering from alopecia areata).

Another use seen in modern day society is for men who cross-dress as women; wigs are used to make the men have more feminine hair in all sorts of styles.

The three main types of wigs are straight wigs, curly wigs, wavy wigs. In addition the type of Front laces are straight lace fronts, wavy lace front wigs, celebrity lace fronts, and the type of Indian Front lace wigs are natural curly-natural black, curly wet with water, curly- flat ironed straight, natural straight-natural black, straight-just brushed, Indian Remy Straight, and Indian Remy Curly.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

5 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important

We care a great deal about beauty and looking your best here at Bella’s Beauty Spot. Our article today covers two things that go a long way to accentuating what’s already working for you: fitness and hydration.
We’ll be covering the importance of both to highlight your radiance and not have anything take away from it.

1.      Without Hydration, Your Body Suffers

Hydration is vitally important to the human body. While we may see the quality of your skin, look to improve it and cover over any blemishes with makeup, having enough water in your body ensures it will appear fresh and colorful.
Staying hydrated means drinking enough water to not feel thirsty because when you feel the thirst, you’re already well down on the right water level that your body needs. In fact, you can get into a bad hydration situation even when you’re only down by a very small amount. It doesn’t take much!
There are different ways to figure out when you’re low on water. Bear in mind that soda isn’t good for you and, like coffee, can act as a diuretic. This isn’t a good thing. The hotter the climate you’re in, the more water you should consume. Usually, that’s at least three liters a day, but it could be more if you’re in a hotter state like Texas or California. If you wish to get the lowdown on thirst and staying hydrated, read this post to help you out.

2.      Improved Skin Tone and Glow

When having too little water in your body, your face will look drained. It’s almost like you look sick that day. While makeup will hide some of that facial color change, your general skin tone will be different to normal too.
The body uses water throughout for basic functionality including in the muscles, cells, and skin (below and above the surface). This is why it’s so important to human existence. We cannot function without it. We know you care about beauty – but drinking enough ensures you look healthy and vibrant with (or without) cosmetics.

3.      Being Sedentary Delivers Poor Results

Being sedentary doesn’t feel great. Ignoring it works for a time but eventually, it catches up with you.
Maybe the pounds have started to come on and you’ve noticed your dresses getting tighter? Or, you’ve needed to go up a dress size and change your bras because they’ve become unbearably tight? These are both signs that it’s time to do something about it.
The thing with extra weight is that it creeps up on you. If you ignore its presence, the extra pounds will pile on because the behavior causing the weight gain hasn’t been addressed. What behavior? It could be overeating through snacking at work, consuming too many sodas, or eating at the wrong time of the day (late evening, mostly).

4.      Exercising Gives Your Body Vitality

While it takes a while for your body to adjust to increased activity levels, it will change when you ask it to do so. You just have to ask it nicely!
Seriously though, the trick with beginning to exercise is to first sit yourself down and consider your reasons why you’re going to do it. You need a big enough Why to push through when it gets tough. That time – it’ll happen – when you don’t want to go out for a 30-minute walk and prefer to graze with Netflix and some snacks. Or after you’ve jogged for 30 minutes, planned to go for 45 minutes and want to quit on yourself. Don’t do that.
Once you’ve figured out your Why, hold onto it. It’s your superpower. Remind yourself the reason for exercising each time you do it and when the going gets tough.
Understand, it may feel like a struggle when you first get back to doing something about your fitness. But you’ll feel good about yourself afterward. Your body will start to function in an improved way. And the endorphin rush will help overcome the sore muscles.

5.      Staying Hydrated Supports Exercise/Weight Loss Goals

The water you drink reaches your muscles. When you’re dehydrated, you feel it in your mouth, but it often leads to stiffness or cramps in your legs too. At that point, your day’s exercise is probably over.
With perspiration, your body will lose water faster as it overheats. Just exercise alone raises your body temperature to a point that this becomes a natural occurrence. Bring along a reusable water bottle to take periodic sips even when you’re not thirsty to avoid your body being affected by water loss.
We’ve connected drinking water and exercise together because they both go hand-in-hand. Each supports your long-term health in different ways but combined, they help you to stay slimmer, healthier and looking your best. While we talk a lot about cosmetics and beauty products in general on this blog, you still need a foundation of self-care to start from a healthy state.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FemmeLuxe for Summer

The Black & White Pinafore Dress- Sophie ($20.99)  team it with frill detailing and black and white check pattern will keep you cute and sophisticated. Normally I would pair this with a sweater, but the temperature being 90 degress here in Arizona, I paired it with the bodysuit listed at the bottom of this post. I love the material. It Is so soft and not cheaply made. With a cute pair of black heels, this is the perfect dress for any occasion. Normally, this is something more on the tight side that I would not wear, but it's cute yet classy. And it's priced extremely low for the quality of the dress.
The Rust High Neck Jumpsuit-Yasmine($18.99) is a favorite piece from Femme Luxe's website. Comfortable and meant to be long, it is the perfect sophisticated look for anything from church to a birthday party.  Featuring a perfect figure-hugging fit that is just perfect for any special occasion. When it comes to looking the best dressed with next to no effort this simple slinky jumpsuit is simply a must-have. With sleeveless body and wide leg bottoms you can be sure a super sleek classic look with no problems at all. Paired with your favourite killer heels for the finished look. This jumpsuit can be dressed up or down, so you will be guaranteed that this jumpsuit is worth it. The Black Faux Leather Look Catriona Look Leggings ($16) are also 50% off, and are comfortable and stylish. Available also in Khaki & Wine color, these have a sort of snake skin feel to them, and are good with a fancy top or just a simple t shirt like I have on. The ultimate styling piece featuring a figure hugging look and high waisted cut. Style under cosy jumpers for a day look or pair with a crop top and heels for a night out with the girls. I plan on getting them in every color, because they pair up with so many different looks. I chose a simple T shirt from Target with a pair of black pumps from Dillards. The look is perfect under a leather jacket, or by itself for almost any occasion. Every girl should own a pair of faux leather leggings. f The Black Stella Side Cut Bodysuit ($13)    is my favorite piece from their collection. Although It doesn't' look comfortable it really is. It is a little revealing, but no more then a bathing suit.  It comes in neon yellow or peach, and at 50% off, it's a steal compared to other fashion sites. It looks adorable under overalls, and even paired with jeans or shorts. It's my favorite bodysuit in my  closet, and I am a bodysuit junkie. FemmeLuxeFinery sells a variety of co-ords  lounge wear sets as well as ribbed lounge wear sets and knitted lounge wear sets. They sell a variety of dresses, jumpers, pants, sweat outfits and more. Right now they are selling everything at 50% off so make sure you head on over to their website & check out their stuff! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

FemmeLuxeFinery Giveaway

 I'm giving away the below FemmeLuxe Grey High Neck Cropped Loungewear Set in Size S/M. If your a size small it might be a little bit big, if your a medium it will be a perfect fit. Right now it's for sale for $26.00 on the FemmeLuxe Website.  FemmeLuxe has been so good to me I wanted to say thank you to them by having them join this giveaway. Grey High Neck Cropped Loungewear Set features Fine Rib knit, Long Sleeve cropped jumper with High neck and high waist leggings. Style with Heel to finish off this look. Visit FemmeLuxeFinery for all your fashion must haves. Enter to win a loungewear set below! And remember the size is S/M. This is something I have and I am giving away; it is brand new but the size is S/M and no other size can be ordered if you win the giveaway. You must live in the US.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, April 12, 2019

Too Faced Life Is a Festival Collection

Too Faced's Life Is A Festival  collection was released earlier this year, and honestly this is my dream makeup line. If I closed my eyes and made up a makeup palette, or any kind of makeup line, this is what I envisioned. The colors of a rainbow, with unicorn packaging and lots of sparkle. The theme is "Peace, Love & Unicorns" and the idea is gorgeous glitter packed pastel colors, with lots of pinks nd yellows.



Life Is a Festival Eye Shadow Palette ($42)
 Life’s a festival with this ethereal palette of duo chromatic shadows that shift in color and a happy mix of bold creamy mattes, pearlescent pops of mystical shades, and an exclusive Unicorn Tears highlighter for face and eyes based on our bestselling lipstick color. For dreamy depth and dimension, mix the formulas together to achieve a high-impact, out-of-this-world festival finish. The entire shadow formula is infused with rose quartz powder to add some love energy to your makeup and the fresh dreamy scent will leave you with an enchanting, ethereal festival vibe

I recently purchased the entire set of Life Is a Festival. It's just too pretty to pass up and me and my daughter are unicorns for Halloween, so I thought this set would be perfect for our Halloween Unicorn Makeup.  In the next couple weeks I will be reviewing the entire set on my blog, and also will be giving away some pieces from the set. This is probably the most beautiful, well packaged, amazing product I have ever reviewed

Stay tuned to my blog for reviews on everything in the Too Faced Life Is a Festival Collection. It really is a keepsake for you Too Faced lovers out there. But now on to the fun, the Giveaway! When I purchased the entire set I actually purchased an extra Too Faced Mystical Effects Lip Topper In the shade "Angel Tears"
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