Monday, March 23, 2015

My Obsession with IT Cosmetics

Happy Spring everyone! Spring has brought not only a whole new look outside,but tons of new makeup products for us bloggers to enjoy, and I've been loving all of it. I've found so  many great products and brands I'm so excited to share them all with you. One of my favorites, in fact dare I say my ABSOLUTE favorite might be It Cosmetics. They started a while ago as a small unknown company, then bounced their way not only into Ulta but onto QVC and now I can't get away from seeing the name.  I knew when I first tried It Cosmetic's concealer and anti-aging shadows that they were something special.
But not to brag, I just wanted to share my favorite Spring products from It.  I've tried almost everything from their entire line I dare say; their foundation lasted me all day and literally glowed on my face, but I'm not talking about that particular product today.  IT Cosmetics has unveiled a new product 
IT Cosmetics Anti Aging Full Coverage CC Cream 50 SPF ($38)
 ok What? Is this a concealer? A BB Cream? Huh? Not going to lie I've been using this as a concealer when it's NOT a concealer it's a full coverage CC cream. This is basically a concealer but can go over your entire face to cover up imperfections and blemishes. CC= Color Correcting. (Age Spots, Redness, etc) This was formulated by a plastic surgeon and is a serum, moisturizer all wrapped up into this little bottle. Wow.  Try like 4 different products in one tiny bottle AND you can use it as a foundation. My jaw has dropped.  This before and after picture has got me a little jaw dropped as well. SPF 50 too- this can be doubled up as a sunscreen, so this is perfect if you're going to be out in the sun all day but still need a good foundation.
If that's a true "Before And After" This is a miracle product. It really did hydrate my skin, it IS long wearing and it does cover up like a concealer but it isn't thick like a regular concealer is.  This is my favorite IT Cosmetics product to DATE. If you're going to try one thing from IT, I recommend the CC Cream. By far.  Available now on  It Cosmetic's website for $38.00
(5 piece set available at QVC, which contains everything I reviewed)
If you've seen IT Cosmetics in your local Ulta store, one of the things you probably first noticed is their beautiful plush brushes. It was the first thing I was drawn to, but the price made me back away a bit.  My favorite brush is the Heavenly Luxe Angled Brush ($38), one of their bigger selling items.  Not only is it gorgeous, but it works well for sculpting, powders, foundations and your blush.
  I have been pairing my new brush up with the CC+ airbrush perfecting powder which is a little compact with a gorgeous powder, SPF 50 just like the CC cream; meant to create a sheer glow. This feels like a powdery velvet dream which covers all flaws and imperfections. Using this OVER the CC+ Cream makes the results even better. It doesn't apply thick, and it doesn't cling to your pores.  I'm not sure if this one of a kind powder is exclusive to QVC, or if it's available on the IT Cosmetics site. Either way, if you're looking for a powder full coverage foundation this is the perfect solution. And at $38 the price is about average.
The Airbrush Perfecting Powder reminds me of something you would apply right before you are taking a picture to make sure the red spots don't show up. Just think of possibly Instagram or picture apps that let you airbrush your picture. Well you don't need that with this flawless full coverage powder.
And if you don't fancy powder, (really depends on my mood) It Cosmetics has not left you out. They have also created a CC+ Color Correcting FULL Coverage Anti- Aging SPF 50 Cream Foundation  ($38) for people that are more on the possibly dry side that like that creamy touch to their skin.  This cream foundation creates a dewey luminious glow finishing touch to your face. It covers all imperfections and claims to leave your skin flawless.  I love the concept, it's unlike anything I've seen before. It's a fluid in a compact but you hit the little button for the foundation to squirt out, and then they give you a little sponge to collect just the right amount of product needed so you don't waste any. Genius.
When I ordered this I was extremely pale so I chose "Light" but I have since gotten a tan so it's a little light on my skin. Both the powder and foundation cover up all my freckles, sun spots, acne scars, everything.  If I was going to do a movie TOMORROW, I would want this type of airbrushed look. 
My skin has never looked more smooth, dewey, moisturized, I could go on and on.  I was also extremely tired when I took the below picture, and take note, NO dark eyes, circles, nada. It is just like the CC Cream in that it is a moisturizer and color packed into one compact.
So the end result is YES IT Cosmetics is a little more expensive then what I like to usually pay for, BUT I have been doing it because the results are really worth what you're getting. IT Cosmetics really does their homework when it comes to research and talking to doctors, scientists, and coming up with the right makeup to make you look fresher and younger. And that is the main reason I will continue to buy their makeup.  I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and make sure you check out their site.
Can I give it a higher letter???
Disclosure: A press sample was sent for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are  my own. No monetary compensation was received.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nature In a Bottle - The Dry Skin Solution

The months after Winter are pretty rough on my skin.  After having kids my skin has drastically changed and it feels like it's getting more dry every day. Regular moisturizers just aren't doing the job anymore so I've been in search of something  a little stronger to get the job done.  I'm trying to stay away from Botox and other fillers and stick with more natural ingredients, instead of injecting chemicals in my face.
What I've found while doing some research, is that it's safer and much more effective to use all natural beauty products. So many things we put on our hands and face are full of chemicals, using makeup and skincare that is all natural is a safer way to keep skin healthy and younger looking.
I also found that serums are more more effective in treating skin problems compared to plain old day and night creams.  I wouldn't recommend serums for greasy skin , since serums are already a tad bit oily you wouldn't want to apply more oil, but for dry skin and enlarged pores one of my new favorites is Nature Beautanicals Facial Recovery Blend. 
The Facial Recovery Blend ($29.99) is a 1 fluid ounce bottle that comes with a small dropper and is 100% natural. It soothes large pores and sun damaged skin. As I'm getting older I notice one of my issues is sun spots. Like many others my age I grew up in the age of tanning beds and unfortunately spending way too much time in a tanning bed is now costing me and my skin. 
I hope younger people are reading this and backing away from tanning and getting more into protecting their skin. But for everyone else it's not too late.  The Facial Recovery Blend is a blend of ingredients that together refresh and rejuvenate your sun damaged skin.
Facial Recovery Blend Ingredients: ◾Jojoba Oil ◾Sweet Almond Oil ◾Rose Flower Oil ◾Rose Hip Oil

I can only compare this to another product, Dr Dennis Gross  Retinol Brightening Solution. This is meant to brighten your skin and pretty much does everything that "Nature in a Bottle" does except the price tag is much higher.  Dr Dennis Gross' product retails for about $85 dollar. Big difference!!!

I highly recommend anyone that has sun damaged dry skin to try out Nature In A Bottle's "Recovery Blend".  I think for the price tag you are getting a great deal.  If you are interested but unsure if you want to purchase the entire bottle, visit their website and you can sign up for a free sample size.

Disclosure: A press sample was sent for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

PIzza Hut Perfume? How bout nail polish??

Do you want to throw up yet? Pizza Hut isn't even good PIZZA let alone a scent. I can't imagine walking into a party and smelling like a piece of pepperoni. A couple years ago Pizza Hut released a limited line of scents, and only made about 100 of them.
Now for Valentine's Day 2015 Pizza Hut is releasing a hot new line up of nail polish. Which is something I'm much more likely to try.  Unfortunately the line is only being released in Austrailia , boo.  Beware though. Although the names sound delicious, these are NOT edible.
Try Mint Green Veggie,  glitter filled sparkling supreme, or a neon yellow called "Say Cheese"  Even a "Dough You Need Me" which looks like a creamy nude beige. So if you're trying to purchase these, sadly you're of luck. Only 30 of these sets were made for winners of a Pizza Hut Contest.  It's a total shame

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lush 2015 Valentine's Day Collection

Hey beauties! It's been a while but I'm back. And of course my first post has to be about my favorite soap of all time. Lush.
I have to say this year's Lush Valentine's Day Collection is quite impressive. I like that Lush finally brought out the red hearts.  Available now at

Lush Lonely Heart Bubble Bar A soft glittery heart packed full of glitter, scented with lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Lush Throb Bubbleroom
This little bubble bar creates mounds of bubbles in your bath and changes bath water to red! It smells like African Paradise Body Conditioner and makes for a perfect romantic soak!

Lush Unicorn Bubble Bar Sink into a magical bath filled with beautiful essential oils, colorful candy stars, sparkling glitter, rainbows and dreams.

Lush Kiss LipGloss A whipped up potted gloss made from shea and cupuaƧu butters to give lips a moisturizing finish and a hint of glossy pink sheen

Are you excited? I know I am!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Suave Hub is helping you a live a happier Lifestyle

**Sponsored post from Global Influence. All opinions are  my own
Hey everybody!! With the change of weather especially here in Arizona things start to change big time! No only outside with he hot temps, but my body and especially my hair.  When it comes to hair problems, I have many.  I've always wished to be one of the girls that has naturally straight hair, OR naturally curly hair. But the in between wavy/frizzy has NOT treated me kindly.  There are so many surgical procedures out there to change the way you look, my question is ; "Why haven't people created a surgery to get rid of frizzy hair?" I would be the first one to sign up. 
Because of this "unknown cure" which is what I call it, you're stuck walking through aisle after aisle after aisle of hair care products all promising the same thing.   But few do what is promised.  I don't think I'm asking for much in a hair care product especially for the prices I've paid to reduce my frizz.  I've probably spent thousands of dollars trying to find the magic hair serum or magic hair cream that will make my hair look and feel soft and manageable. I have dyed my hair so frequently that I also suffer from split hairs and dryness due to the amount of styling and heat that I've added to the mix.  Needless to say, my situation these days isn't too promising.
Some hair beauty tips I've discovered lately have helped, and if you're in the same boat I'm in, they might be helpful to you as well:
1) Only wash your hair once or twice a week I fully understand a lot of people can't do this because they might have extremely nappy or oily hair, but if you CAN it really does help your hair boost it's strength and energy.  Plus it saves you from having to buy your expensive hair care products as frequently.  Since I have reduced the amount of times a week I wash my hair I've noticed it so much healthier.
2:) Steam curl your curls Yes that's right. This is a tip that has not worked for me because steam curles or regular curlers you roll in your hair do not curl my hair correctly. But if you like the look of big bouncy natural waves this routine is much healthier for your locks.   I've read several beauty articles where  a basic curling iron is extremely damaging. This is one thing I Can't get rid of. My curling iron is my holy grail. Sorry the damage will have to remain !:)
3) Squeeze Dry your Hair .. Huh What? Yes this one is a shocker.  Experts have said drying your hair with a towel almost serves no purpose. Take a paper towel or something that is awesome at soaking up water, it will save you time and also blow dry time which equals less damage.
Walmart Suave Hub  is an online app that helps you find beauty products to fit your specific needs and also offers coupons and lots of beauty tips like the ones I mentioned above.   Suave has really stepped up to the plate to help people, (like me) who enjoy savings and are interested in finding the right hair products for my specific hair.   And it's not just about hair, Suave is encouraging everyone live a healthier life,  all the way from a trip in the park, to an escape to paradise.
Stop by your local Walmart – the one-stop shop for all your Suave needs. For continued savings, sign up for Suave Family Perks ( and submit your receipts to accrue points and redeem for Walmart gift cards. See how you can live beautifully with savings on Suave products only at Walmart.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 Effective Ways to Wash Your Hands

5 Super Effective Ways to Heal Your Dry Hands Fast
Author: Alyssa Craig
While the holidays, the treats, and the beautiful leaves and snow are some of the many reasons people look forward to the fall and winter seasons, there are some downsides to the cooler weather. Depending on the climate of the location where you live, you may experience drier weather that comes from these end of year seasons. The reduced humidity, combined with more frequent washing of hands due to cold and flu season, can result in dry, cracked, and even painful hands. As these months make their appearance, there are a few things you can do to prevent and treat dry hands.

1. Water
One preventative tactic you can use is to buy a humidifier for your home. As the humidity goes down, you can make up the difference with your own humidifier in your bedroom. This will help your hands and skin to keep from drying out quite as quickly.
We often talk a lot about drinking water and staying hydrated in the summertime and the advice is no different come fall and winter. Drinking at least eight, 8 oz glasses of water per day will not only help your body stay hydrated and function well on a number of levels, it will also improve your skin and help with dry hands.
2. Moisturizer
Moisturizers can help your skin to rejuvenate and feel healthier. You can help your hands to keep from getting dry by applying moisturizer multiple times per day. Consider beginning this even before dry hands become a problem! For the best effect, use moisturizers that are oil based instead of water based. Specifically, look for non-clogging oils such as avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, and almond oil. If your hands are particularly dry, you may benefit from an organic moisturizer treatment such as those with tropical oils to help with deep healing and moisturizing. Read more about the benefits of these treatments here.
3. At Home Spa
Spa days are wonderful but they are not always realistic, so to heal your dry hands, consider treating yourself to your very own at home spa! Because the skin on your hands is relatively thin, it could definitely benefit from a little pampering. It is more simple than you think and will have you wishing you had been doing this at home all along.
First, exfoliate your hands to remove dead and dry skin cells by using an exfoliating cream that can be found at most drug stores and supermarkets.
Second, slather your hands in petroleum jelly. Be generous and be sure to cover all areas of each hand and in between fingers.
Third, put gloves over the top of the jelly and let this sit overnight. You will wake up with your hands feeling like new!
4. Wash Your Hands Gently
With the onset of cold and flu season and especially if you have a job that requires you to wash your hands often, such as a nurse, cook, teacher or mother, you may be washing your hands frequently, causing you to be even more susceptible to dry hands. Make sure you use mild soaps that will not be too harsh on your skin.
    Use warm water, rather than hot water.
    Towel dry your hands thoroughly after every wash.

Hand sanitizer, while alcohol based and known for drying out skin, is actually easier on your skin than soap and water. Consider carrying some hand sanitizer with you for small cleaning needs.

5. What Not To Do

It is just as important to know what not to do to take care of your hands as what you should do. Especially once the weather gets cooler and wetter, wear gloves to protect your skin. However, you will want to avoid wearing wet gloves for too long. Carry an extra pair with you when the first pair is likely to soak through or make sure the gloves you purchase are waterproof. You can also watch out for your hands by avoiding perfumes as much as possible, as these tend to be alcohol based and will dry out your skin.
Dry hands are a common, often forgotten, side effect of the colder fall and winter months. However, as you prepare in advance, take good care of your hands, and use the proper moisturizers you can restore your hands to their summertime glory.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Favorite Hair Masks For the Fall

Hey beauties!!! One of my favorite beauty products EVER is a good hair mask.  I have dry, frizzy, damaged bleached hair and if I don't constantly repair it with repair masks and deep conditioners I would have a total mess on my hands.  Especially this time of the year it's absolutely crucial  to improve my hair's health because of monsoon season and how frizzy my hair can become. 

Carol’s Daughter Tui Color Care Hydrating Mask ($20.00, To instantly fix dull, color-treated hair so it can have all the softness, shine and vibrancy you want. Enriched with Cacao Butter and Olive and Maurita Fruit Oils to rescue and deeply condition your hair.

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask ($9.50, This creamy, rich conditioning treatment is a moisturizing hair mask that revitalizes dry and damaged hair. It restores natural moisture balance and elasticity for shinier, more manageable hair.

Brazilian Tech Keratin Deep-Penetrating Conditioning Treatment ($6.38, is a protein and vitamin treatment that helps to improve the strength of hair. This high-performance professional conditioning treatment helps to restore your hair's natural keratin that may have been lost or damaged during daily styling and chemical/color treatments.
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