Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dr Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier


Right now my current favorite skin care product is Dr Brandt's Magnetight Age-Defier. This is just something I bought on a limb at Ulta so no I wasn't paid to write this review, I just wanted to let you all out there know how amazing and unique it is.  So for 3 ounces, it goes for $75, which isn't too much based on what you get. 
"Combining the healing powers of the ancient past with forward-thinking technology, dr. brandt® skincare brings to fruition another industry game-changer. Leveraging the power of magnetic attraction, this ahead-of-the-curve breakthrough mask helps counter the effects of stress and environmental damage as it simultaneously recharges and rejuvenates the skin. Iron magnetic particles draw out toxins and daily residue, while aromatherapeutic lavender soothes the senses. Black tourmaline, a powerful mystic stone known as one of nature’s most energizing minerals, is ground into the finest powder to neutralize negative energy and boost positivity, rendering skin radiant."
So the product comes with a little spatuala that you use to spread this black silky texture mud all over your face.  It was so easy to scare my kids when I was wearing this mask for 5-10 minutes because my face was entirely black.  So nothing too different, it's a face mask/slash skin cream.  Now comes the strange part. .
After 10 minutes of the goop sitting on your face you take the magnet that comes in the box, yes it's a plain regular magnet, and you wrap a tissue around it and then slowly wipe the black off your face.  As soon as you run the tissue over your face you can instantly feel the differenc.e

This product is nothing short of amazing, and it keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth all through summer and winter.  Purchase it here for $75.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Jergens Honey Dry Skin Moisturizer

WHAT IT IS: An intensely hydrating body lotion that’s infused with nourishing honey.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Honey is currently one of the most buzzed about ingredients in skincare. Formulated with antioxidant-packed Orange Blossom Honey, which is known to contain potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the new Jergens® Nourishing Honey Dry Skin Moisturizer softens dry skin and keeps it smooth and hydrated 24/7. Its refreshing, citrusy Orange Blossom scent enlivens and invigorates the senses.

STAR INGREDIENT: Orange Blossom Honey, which is gathered from the blossoms of Florida's orange tree groves during the spring. Nourishing and natural, honey is nature’s most powerful humectant that continuously pulls moisture in from the air, preserving it deep within the layers of the skin for concentrated, nourishment that lasts all day.

• Contains naturally hydrating, antioxidant-packed honey • Provides all-day nourishment • Retains moisture deep within the skin • Refreshes with an invigorating floral scent
• Softens skin with a smoothing, non-sticky formula

WHAT IT COSTS: $5.99 for 16.8 oz

Friday, November 17, 2017

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil + Black Friday Deals!

Something has happened in my house the other day that has never happened before. I actually ran out of body butter. The kind I use at night that feels good on my skin and leaves me moisturized. This is a major shock because I keep it piled in my cabinets and I can't believe I ran out. Then I realized I had yet to try Josie Maran's Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter. ($35)  I've been wanting to try this forever, mostly because I love everything that Josie Maran comes out with. She really is someone I look up to, she's a makeup icon so I was soo excited about this one.

(The following is straight from Josie Maran herself, taken from her website)

What it is: It’'s not heavy, it’'s my butter——silky, intensely hydrating body butter that smells subtly yum and gives sweet relief to the driest skin. Packed with luscious oils and whipped to a feather-light texture, it sinks in instantly for velvety soft skin in a flash. Spread the love and feel the difference.

Why I love it: No matter how many hot baths or red-eye flights I take, this stuff has my back… and my front, and everywhere else. It'’s hard-core enough to quench parched elbows and heels, but never greasy or sticky. And the two fresh, natural scents—, vanilla apricot or sweet citrus—, lightly linger on my skin like an all-day aromatherapy infusion. 

 What’'s in it: No wonder it feels so good. My Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter is a powerhouse of more than ten plant oils and extracts, plus the star of the show, 100% Pure Argan Oil, with its restorative and antioxidant properties. What’'s not in it: I don’t clutter my butter with ingredients that are toxic, or unethically tested. That means no parabens or harsh artificial fragrances. And no guinea pigs, unless you count my friends and family.

 How I use it: Long, hot baths are a treat that motherhood doesn’t allow for very often. I’'m lucky to grab a shower when I can. Either way, my skin loves to soak up the deliciousness of Body Butter after bathing, when my pores are open and receptive to all that whipped, velvety goodness.

What surprised me is that this comes in 3 luxurious scents. Vanilla/Apricot, Sweet Citrus, and Vanilla Bean. I tried the Vanilla/Apricot and the scent is absolutely without a doubt refreshing and delightful.  When you smell it, you only get a tiny hint of Apricot, the rest is Vanilla. The formula and texture  is thick and not greasy at all. I like to take a shower at night and rub this all over my body. When you get under the sheets and into bed you feel so relaxed and so soft, it's hard to explain until you actually do this for yourself. This is by far the best body cream/butter I have found. 

For some reason I'm finding a lot of my absolute favorites lately; I'm not sure if it's because of the companies I've been working with lately, or everyone has just stepped up their game in the beauty/makeup game.  Either way I've never been happier, especially with Josie Maran. If you haven't read any of my Josie Maran reviews before, I'm a huge Argan Oil fan. It makes my hair soft, my skin moisturized and it's the best thing for your cuticles. So knowing that there is Argan Oil mixed into this body butter makes it that much better. I'm sure that's the ingredient that leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. I won't be surprised if other companies start putting Argan Oil in all their products. It is the secret ingredient that does so many fabulous things, the next best thing to coconut oil.

You can buy Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter on Josie Maran's website.  The price is $35 for a 8 oz jar, but I warn you, you should buy two because if you love it as much as I do you will want a backup!

And if you like the Argan Oil Body Butter, check out Josie Maran's Black Friday Gift Set Deals

 Whipped Mud Mask Collection ($80 now $48)
Fresh Face EssentialsVa
($128 now $70)

Argan Treat & Nourish Hydrating Collection($123 now $85)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Too Faced Clover Palette (Plus Win 1 of 10!)

Hold on to your eyeball, this MIGHT be the cutest eye shadow palette EVER. TooFaced has came out with the Too Faced Clover Palette ($49) which is named after an adorable Chihuahua named "Clover" from Too Faced founder, "Jerrod Blandino"  This features 18 gorgeous new pans of Too Faced color, & also a signature Glamour Guide.

This is Too Faced's first ever exclusive palette. Highly pigmented, and I can tell just from the pictures of the glittery shadow. it's just darling.

And the best part? Too Faced is donating $250,000 of the proceeds to the Best Friends Animal Society.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SheIn 11/11 Sale

Something big is going on at SheIn starting 11/11/2017. Coupon codes are at the bottom of this post. But I wanted to share some of my favorite SheIn Trends on sale right now. I thought it was fitting to show my favorite on sale sweaters, since it's slowly coming to sweater season.

And starting the 11th, there will be a $1.11 sale (clothes starting from $1.11!) What a deal! Listed below are the additional discount codes you can use. So make sure you write them down!
11.11 Global Shopping Day Starting from $1.11Get $5 off over $59 CODE: BLA5 Get $10 off over $89 CODE: BLA10 Get $30 off over $169 CODE: BLA30
Get Ready to celebrate the Single's Day
Shop the fashionest outfit with the biggest discount

Love Drybar Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray

My hair is now red and the color is fading quickly.  The last couple days I've just been wearing it long, and when you're wearing your hair just "down" you want some texture. And I think I found the perfect hair product for the best texture.


 Dry Bar has an amazing hair product called, Mai Tai Spritzer Salt Sea Spray.  This is the perfect product for your hair, especially having extensions, you get that sexy beach look without doing anything except applying a couple sprays, then boom you're good to go.   It's made with real Sea Salt so you really do get the feel you're on the beach with soft waves blowing in the ocean breeze.  This has been my favorite go to product this summer for a quick pick me up. Now that I have long hair, I've been trying to create that beachy look that is so popular now.  Just spray about 5 or 6 sprays on dry hair and mess it up a little bit and you create a look without the look of actually trying to do your hair.   I've always heard about Drybar products and how popular they are, but I didn't understand the craze till now.  This is perfect for gals with wavy frizzy hair like mine that never know what to do with their hair and don't want to apply heat to just make the problem worse. Sometimes you just don't want to curl or straighten your hair not only for time purposes but just all the damage it creates.  


So do I love Drybar? I'm totally obsessed. The way the Mai Tai Spritzer textures my new hair and extensions is incredible and I recommend this for people with dull boring hair. People that need a little bit of a "kick" in their hair.  Make your hair look sexy wavy and just more gorgeous.


Drybar Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray is available for $25 on Drybar's website.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

SassyMyProm for Adorable Flower Girl Dresses

Are you looking for a cheap flower girl dress? I know flower girl dresses along with wedding and bridesmaid dresses can get very expensive, even though I have never had my own wedding, I have been a bridesmaid many times & I have never paid less then $100 for each dress. (And I have about 10 in my closet alone!)

But if I was getting married anytime soon, I would be getting my daughter a flower girl dress from When my 6 year old daughter saw the dresses she screamed in delight and pointed out ten of her favorite. So when debating on which dresses I would show you guys, she helped me out a little bit.

I love the look of this dress. The material is from Tulle & it's covered in lace appliques. You can tell the flowers were beautifully handmade. This is probably the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen for a little girl. My daughter absolutely freaked out and begged me to purchase this dress for her birthday. I told her, "If you're ever a flower girl in a wedding, I will buy you that dress."

Also made out of tulle, this dress has a gorgeous ball room skirt & beautiful embellished butterflies all over.  This reminds me of a princess dress, fit for a little queen.  I love the baby powder blue color, I imagine this dress paired with a sparkly pair of mary janes and long flowing curls. This dress is perfect for your little princess for any special occasion, even a birthday dress.

Fancy Tulle Scoop Flower Dress ($184 $82) This was my absolute favorite. It is so girly girl. It screams little pink princess. It's a knee length bubble skirt dress with tons of handmade flowers attached. Your little girl will look fabulous with this and a little pink flower headband, I could scream there is so much cuteness wrapped up in this little dress. And the prices are amazing too, where else will you see $100 off a brand new dress?

These are just a few of the gorgeous flower girl dresses that SassyMyProm carries. Check them all out here. They also carry wedding dresses, homecoming/prom dresses, and a dress for every other occasion you can think of too!

I'm so very happy I found SassyMyProm. Now I just need a wedding to go to!

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