Monday, September 18, 2017

Banish The Tell-Tale Signs Of Tiredness For Good

We all have such hectic schedules these days, and work life and home life can often seem to easily get on top of us. Our busy diaries mean that we rarely get an early night and, for most of us, all of those late nights and early mornings are written all over our face.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it can be impossible to wipe the tiredness off your face and to give yourself a fresh look ready for the day ahead. But don’t worry - it isn’t completely impossible. You just need to use the following tips, and you will find that you can banish the tell-tale signs of tiredness for good!

Sip Green Tea

If you rely on strong cups of coffee to get you through the day, it’s a much better idea to switch to green tea. Sure, coffee can help wake you up, but it will also dry out your skin and increase the growth and development of wrinkles. Instead, sip green tea for a natural pick me up.

Don’t Skip The Cleanser

All good beauty routines require cleanser. It will effectively clean and purify your skin, and will also remove toxins in the process. It’s all those toxins that can darken your skin and increase lines around the eye. Once you’ve cleansed your face, your skin will look a lot fresher and brighter!

Invest In Good Concealer

Concealer is a great way to hide those most stubborn of tiredness signs. For instance, you just need to rub some around your eyes and blend it in to quickly hide the appearance of tiredness lines and dark circles. One thing to remember, though, is that you shouldn’t apply too much concealer. Otherwise, this will make your skin appear very greasy and oily.


Brighten With Color

If you think your cheeks are looking a bit dull, simply remember to get some blusher and highlighter next time you buy Violet Voss makeup or another brand. Simply adding a quick brush of blush to your cheeks can brighten your face and help you look a lot more awake! It’s also a good idea to buy some highlighter as well. This can brighten your face without making it look too oily.

Work On Your Smile

There are going to be days when you look quite tired no matter what you do. But don’t panic; you just need to distract attention from all the bad spots on your face. And you can do that by getting the best possible smile. Everyone loves a good smile, and people can never take their eyes off a dazzling one. So, be sure to work on your dental hygiene and help your smile pop with a gorgeous red lipstick. It’s also a good idea to check your teeth after every meal - you don’t want to leave any spinach in between your teeth!

Hopefully, all of these tips can help you look as fresh as a daisy even if you only managed to get a few hours of sleep.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

How To Avoid Looking Old Before Your Time

White Heart Shape on Human Skin

We'd all like to look a little bit younger if we could. In fact, if you asked most people they'd probably tell you that if they could have stopped the clock at 21, then they probably would have. Of course, just because that's impossible doesn't mean that you should be willing to end up looking even older than you are. Nothing feels worse than someone mistakenly thinking you're even a few years older than you are. To help you prevent that from happening, here are a few ways to avoid looking old before your time.

Adjust your diet

A lot of people don't realize just how much of an impact their diet can have on their skin. If you're constantly eating greasy junk food, then you're going to end up causing your skin to look a lot more dry and greasy than it might otherwise. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you're eating as balanced a diet as possible with as much fresh fruit and veg as possible. Of course, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then, but it's important to remember that your diet affects every part of your body. Not only that but you need to make sure that you're well hydrated. If you're not drinking enough water, then your skin's just going to end up drying out.

Take care of your skin

Looking after your skin is one of the very best ways that you can avoid looking much older than you are. One of the best things you can do is to use a face moisturizer regularly so that your skin always stay hydrated. Not only that but it might be a good idea to cut back on the amount of makeup that you're wearing. Now, there's nothing wrong with makeup, and you certainly don't need to cut it out entirely, but going a few days a week without it and letting your skin breathe can be incredibly good for it.

Change your lifestyle

The way that you live your life can often be seen on your skin whether you realize it or not. Things like drinking and smoking can often wreak havoc on your complexion, and it's a good idea to cut them out of your life as much as possible. (Of course, that's certainly not the only reason to do that!) You should also make sure that you're getting as much sleep as possible. The term "beauty sleep" might be a cliche but it's definitely true. If you're not sleeping enough then not only are you going to end up with big bags under your eyes but you're also going to find your skin suffering in other ways as well.

Of course, the only real foolproof way to avoid worrying about how old you look is to simply stop caring! After all, we're all going to get older eventually and just because you're a little bit older doesn't mean that you have any less value or that you're any less gorgeous!

Monday, August 28, 2017

How To Get Youthful Skin

How to get youthful skin

Our skin is a reflection of the inner state of our bodies. All of the marks and discoloring’s a great way to determine, whether we are dehydrated, stressed or simply tired. This is why a healthy and glowing skin is not only the reflection of our outside appearance but also our inner health and we need to take good care of it.
If you are interested in how to achieve that perfect, glowing and youthful-looking skin, then here are few helpful tips.

1.    Avoid sugar
You have probably heard this advice before, but if you haven’t taken it seriously, then it is the right time to start doing so. Sugar causes not only breakouts on our skin, but is also causes loss of collagen and elastin, which are crucial for our skin.
After sugar gets into our bloodstream, it breaks down and connects with protein molecules, which are also found in collagen and elastin. This later results in loss of collagen and elastin, and causes our face to wrinkle and sag down.

2.    Sun protection
This is another well-known fact that you should start taking seriously. Sun is one of the biggest dangers for our skin and too much exposure to it, can lead to the development of skin cancer and other skin-related diseases.

You should always use SPF protection, especially in the summer when the sun shines the brightest and most often. Those of you who frequently fly on planes, should also stay away from windows and protect your skin from the sun rays coming through, because you are much closer to the sun when you are on the plane, than when you are on the ground.

3.    Avoid stress
This is easier said than done, but if you really want to look youthful and protect your skin from damage, make sure you find a good way to relax and rejuvenate after a stressful day. Stress is something that is unavoidable these days, and we can’t do too much about it.
The best way to fight against it is to relax and give you a nice spa day, away from all of the problems.

4.    Beauty sleep
Another great tip (that you are going to love) is more sleep. Sleep is crucial for our body and therefore for our skin too. There is a reason why the phrase “beauty sleep” was invented, and it definitely reflects the end result that you are going to see, on your skin, after you’ve had a good night sleep. 

5.    Prevention
And lastly, prevention is the key. If you want to look young and more importantly, if you want your skin to be healthy from inside and outside, give the best care possible. Always take your make-up off at night, use the best anti-aging night cream, visit your dermatologist to find out more about your skin and her needs and don’t expose your skin to something that could damage it. Avoid spending too much time in the sun and also avoid sunbeds.
A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good idea, especially if you want your skin to reflect your inner health.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Perfume for your Hair- Kerabotanica

I like to think my hair always smells beautiful and fresh, but sadly that's not always the case. Especially after the gym and a case of sweaty hat head. (My hubby has this a Lot!) He will take off his hat and I swear his hair smells like a mixture of sweat and must. It's so gross. So no one benefited more then he did from receiving Kerabotanica Hair Fragrance.
Kerabotanica is not only an amazing smelling hair fragrance, it's a hair conditioner that leaves your locks hydrated and feeling fresh. Kerabotanica created 4 separate fragrances that I had the luxury of trying. Each one is completely different and has a unique smell.

My favorite scent is "Love is In The Hair"  which smells of White Mulberry and sunflowers. It gives off the scent of fresh crisp fruit and it was quickly my favorite smell. The best part about it is that it keeps your hair smelling fabulous all day long. It doesn't smell nice at first and then fade withini a hour, it lingers so hours later people are asking, "What is that amazing smell?" "What shampoo do you use?" It smells sooo good. If you're a female and you like fresh citrus flowery scents, this is the one I would choose. It sells for $22 on the Kerabotanica site.

My 2nd favorite, (and my husband's choice) is You Have Me At Hello which is fresh italian lemon, Mexican plumeria and Spanish mandarin. This is more of a perfume fragrance that lingers all day long and I can really smell the mandarin and lemon in this scent. This perfume appeared to give me a bit more shine and luster in my hair then the others. I love the catchy names for the different scents too. It also helped keep the frizz and flyaways down. It tames my hair almost as well as my hairspray, but with the combination of my hairspray and the hair fragrance, my hair didn't move an inch throughout the entire day. And after 3 hours, my hair still smelled fabulous.

Kerabotanica really helped maintain, hydrate and make my hair smell so freakin fabulous all day long. A couple spritz really lasts all day, and you don't have to keep spraying the bottle hour after hour to maintain the product's effectiveness..  Kerabotanica also sells Slay & Play, #FollowMe, Shore To Please Beach Girl and a few more. Truthfully, they are all extremely unique scents, and I wish you could reach right into the screen and take a sample of each bottle, but until the internet figures out how to do that, you will just have to take my word for it. Kerabotanica sells the hair fragrances at $22 for a 4 ounce bottle. Quite a deal when you think about how many products this is in one. ( Moisturizer, leave in conditioner, perfume, etc)

You can purchase this at Kerabotanica's website and local hair salons. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Things you Can Buy Online to Save Time & Money

The invention of online shopping has meant that we no longer have to drag ourselves around e fan of being able to shop without leaving my bed, there are still certain things that it makes sstores and supermarkets, and then be left with so many bags balancing on our arms that we’re sure it will take just one wrong step for us to come crashing down - not really my idea of a fun experience.

While I’m a hugense to actually buy in an actual store, or at least have viewed in a store, things like making sure clothes fit, or that the computer is actually suitable.

On the other hand, we can always be doing with making our lives a bit easier by shopping online for other things. Not only will it save us multiple trips to the store and save us time, but by ordering certain things online, we can actually save money, too.

Things you can and should buy online instead of in-store:


For me, online grocery shopping and delivery has to be one of the best things ever to come from the invention of the internet. There are so many benefits to this, that it’s not even possible to list them all, but if you work crazy hours, have small kids at home, don’t have a car, or even live in a more remote area, being able to order your essential items and have them delivered to your door is an absolute game-changer. Most online supermarkets offer free delivery over a certain amount, offer regular promotions and money-off vouchers, plus you can save your shopping list, so you don’t always have to add every item individually whenever you log on to place your order.


Although this could technically full under groceries, I wanted to cover it individually because, although you may order some drinks with your groceries, you’ll still pay supermarket prices. If you’re having a party or you want to stock up for the holidays, then buying your drinks in bulk makes far more sense. That’s when you’ll want to order from a company who specializes purely in stocking and delivering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Due to being able to order in bulk, you’ll get a much better price for your order, plus you’ll be stocked for a while, so you won’t have to order all the time, and you don’t have to worry about how to transport all those heavy bottles and containers home from the supermarket.

Household Items:

Whether it’s cleaning products, cosmetics, skin care products or even time to stock up on your supplements, you can find everything you need online from pharmacies and beauty stores. Again buying in bulk saves you time from having to shop all the time, but also saves you money because typically you’ll get discounts as a new or returning customer and special vouchers towards certain products that you buy often. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you always order things like cerazette from a UK registered online pharmacy if stocking up on your diet pills, or for any other supplements or medications you may take. There are a lot of fakes out there, and playing with your health is not worth a bit of convenience or saving some pennies.

Office Supplies:

If you work from home or simply have a home office or study, then you may want to consider purchasing supplies like notebooks, pens, and even larger items like printers and ink online. Not only will this save you money in certain places, but when you order online, you can bulk buy more than what you can by actually visiting the store, so you won’t need to stock up as much as you normally would.

Hopefully these tips have given you some useful ideas on where you can easily cut back on your trips to the store, save yourself some money through bulk buying, and save yourself the time and stress of only being able to buy smaller amounts each time and then having to visit the store more often.

Online shopping has never been easier and more varied than it is today, so it only makes sense to take advantage of everything that’s on offer and save yourself some money in the process.

Whether you choose to visit the main sites, or even make use of the many offers on deal-sites, you’ll always find something that will be useful. For even more ways to save money when shopping online, also make sure you check out the latest offers available on coupon and  voucher sites that can be applied at checkout.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Laser Treatments for Hair Removal

  Day after day, you have to keep your appointment in the bathroom. You know, the one with the razor blade. It doesn't matter how good a job you did yesterday, hair stubble greeted you once again today. If you've grown tired of that routine, then it's time to consider a laser treatment to remove the hair.

How do lasers remove hair?

First understand that cosmetic hair removal lasers are medical grade, meaning they are made to target and treat specific cells without harming the rest of the area. These lasers use a principle called photothermolysis to apply light energy to the skin. They target the pigment in hair follicles to heat them until the root structure is destroyed.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

A single treatment will remove all the hair in the treated area for at least several weeks. The hair that grows back in that area will be much finer than before the procedure was performed. Lasers are FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, but do not permanently remove hair. In other words, they reduce the amount of hair that grows back. Each subsequent treatment will reduce even more growth. An average of about five treatments will reduce growth by up to 90%.

What areas can be treated?
Laser hair removal is very popular for legs and the bikini area, especially during bikini season. Other areas that can be treated are back, chest, underarms, and some areas of the face like the chin. Although lasers of today are far safer than they were two decades ago, they still should not be used around the eyes.
Lasers for use at home
There are many personal lasers on the market these days for consumers to use at home. The advertisements make them sound just as good, if not better, than the ones used in cosmetic clinics. The problem is that they simply aren't as good as professional lasers. In order to be safe for the average consumer to use, they cannot be as powerful. They don't perform at the same level as the ones in the clinics.
Before you try to find laser hair removal machines for sale, stop and learn what that really entails. The lasers used in clinics are medical grade cosmetic devices and may only be operated by certified trained specialists and, in some states, people with medical backgrounds. There is also the cost factor to consider, since purchasing such a device will be far more expensive than even a dozen treatments at a clinic.
Getting the laser treatment
When you first go to the spa for a laser treatment, remember to get there a few minutes early as there will be medical forms to complete. During your appointment, the certified technician will apply a topical anaesthetic if you have a low pain tolerance. The laser machine will be applied to your skin, going back over areas a few times to completely cover the area. After the procedure is finished, the technician will give you follow-up care instructions. You can then return to your regular activities or work after the appointment.
Follow-up Care
It is essential that you follow the laser treatment with simple skin care. By doing so, you will get the most from your treatment and minimize irritations in the treated areas: 
Apply ice packs or cooling compresses if there is any redness or burning sensations 
Stay out of the sun. It is best if you avoid any exposure to the sun for at least a month or more. 
Do not rub or scratch at the skin in the treated area as you my irritate it or even cause an infection

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ever Overnight Facial Renewal Oil

Ever has created an amazing product with their cellular renewal oil ($88) This is meant to fight the signs of aging for firmer, tighter and more toned looking skin.  Retinol is the #1 age fighting product when it comes to growing older and wrinkles.  Ever Overnight Cellular Renewal Oil takes Retinol and a clinically proven tetrapeptide and combines them with anti aging super strength  for dramatic skin results.

From their website:

REGENERATE: Retinol is clinically proven to firm and even skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help decrease the appearance of pores.

FIRM: Tetrapeptide is one of the most effective, clinically proven peptides available, and helps diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles while lifting and firming to help lift the years off.

FIGHT FREE RADICALS: Teprenone is a cell protector that is clinically proven to help reduce the top 10 visible signs of aging.

To use you want to make sure all your makeup is off and your face is cleansed and then simply take one drop (3 times per week only) and rub the oil on your face. Even as a dry skinned person the thought of rubbing oil on my face always rubbed me the wrong way, however this oil seemed different. The smell reminds me of "clay" but as soon as I put it on I feel refreshed and awakened. (Even if its before I'm about to go to bed)

Overall I love the results on my face. In the morning my skin feels soft and doesn't feel rough or dry. (Which it usually does when I wake up) After using it for 2 weeks straight I see a significant difference in my skintone and overall texture of the skin on my face.  Now the product only says use THREE times a week and I was using it every night, so I'm not sure what difference that made or not. I'm sure you would probably get the same results using it as directed, I just tend to overuse my beauty products. 
Ever Overnight Facial Oil is available for $88 on their website for $88.  You can find them on Facebook and Twitter too!
Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.
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