Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FLASH 24 hour Skin Care Giveaway for 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July my gorgeous beautiful followers!!! I hope you all have a safe happy Fourth, be safe and careful but also have lots of fun!
As an early surprise gift, I teamed up with Adventuress Skincare to Give my of my lucky readers a Skincare Duo perfect for when you're going of out of town, perfect for traveling, (it is a deluxe travel set) or even at home.
“All in one” convenience, for ALL your skincare needs! The Weekender is a great way to try several of our most popular products before you buy them individually. The sturdy, “go anywhere” tin contains 3 swipes of Naturally Liberating Cleanser, 3 swipes of Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer, and 3 YouVee’s SPF 30 Sunscreen Swipes. "
Purchase individual products, refill the travel tin and you’re off on your next adventure!

Naturally Liberating Cleanser is one of the gentlest ways to cleanse your skin; great for clearing up acne, dirt or just to give your skin a quick, revitalizing wash.

• Boldly Nourishing Moisturizer, a powerful “Bio-Detox” with Winter Rose Tsubaki oil to keep your skin well-hydrated and balanced. Anti-aging ingredients help reduce the appearance of wrinkles

YouVee’s SPF 30 Sunscreen Swipe has an ingenious sealed finger pocket for a clean application; no more greasy hands or fingers. For all skin types, including sensitive or Rosacea-prone skin.

Happy Fourth Of July!! Check out Adventuress Skin care on their website and Facebook.  I'm a little early but we are giving away a travel set duo of the 3 amazing products.  To enter, it's super easy and it's only going to last till tomorrow. Simply follow me on Instagram, and share the giveaway AND follow me on GFC. Good luck beauties!! xoxoxox
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- Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Eyeshadow Palette launching July 15th

Earlier today via instagram, Anastasia Beverly Hills released this press photo of a new palette launching July 15th.
Anastasia Beverly Hills has impressed me so much lately with their 2015 Summer Collection, although every time I go to purchase something at my local Macys it's SOLD OUT.  Such a bummer.
Hopefully this one will stay in stock at least long enough for me to swatch the damn thing.  Although excited at first, I noticed I already own a few of these colors and I'm not seeing any color that I HAVE to have, but I will have to see this thing for myself.
Are you interested? I have to see these colors swatched to get a better idea of if I need this in my stash or not....

Monday, June 29, 2015

Just What A Woman Truly Deserves: black heels with red soles

Distinct, classy, luxurious, a symbol of beauty and femininity. That's what red bottom boots are and that is why millions of women would like to grab their very own pair of these fashionable pieces of art. Unlike any other type of shoes, you can easily distinguish which is the better looking pair. Although non-red sole shoes look elegant as well, it's just a treat to slip  into these heels.

Christian Louboutin, a renowned French designer who is known for his trademark, the red sole shoes, has pretty much set the bar in high heels standards. What's so special with these shoes anyway? The concept of high heels are there the only difference is the color.

Though you can make a shoe entirely out of red material, that isn't as striking. As we all know, the soles are places a person would look at when choosing high heels. What does a woman typically look for in high heel shoes? Well, there's the type of shoes (whether it's a pair of pumps, stilettos, or wedges), the size of the heel, the design, and the price tag.

Moreover, the red soles add a dash of feminine appeal. When a woman steps into these shoes, she feels more of a woman. An empowered person, a more confident being to take on the world. Take a regular pair of high heels and what do you get? ?Just a regular outfit. Put on a fancy pair of red soled high heels and what does that make of a woman? ?A glamorous woman in the pair of stunning shoes that she deserves.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smashbox Colors for Summer + The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Smashbox Halo Longwear Blush, Be Legendary Lip Lacquer and TouchBack BrowMarker – for a SUPER glow-y face, strong brows and berry lips,

Smashbox has really been bringing the fire lately with these bright color products for Summer to make your face and eyes POP. Although I haven't checked them out, I did try out Smashbox's number #1 product of Summer, the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette  ($52)  available exclusively at Sephora.

"The Full Exposure Palette  is a set with increased-pigment and universal, neutral eye shades. It features fourteen must-have neutral shades – from nudes to black, long-wearing shimmer to velvety-smooth mattes"

And that's exactly what it is . This is a set of  14 extremely wearable colors for Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter ANYTIME. This is the MOST requested Smashbox product possibly ever; and if you're wondering why, the proof is in the pictures. Thiss set includes matte colors plus shimmery colors. If you're someone who likes neutral versus the bright colors, you must have this palette. Although I hate comparing, this is something you NEED, similar to the Naked Palettes. Even if you already have these colors in your collection, I guarantee you have no set quite like this.  I like how the colors start with very wearable daytime shades, then it transitions into a nighttime look.

The top is more of a shimmer glitter look, the bottom is matte.  After reading several reviews on different websites, I saw many people complaining that the glitter doesn't stay on. Well let me tell you , the only complaint I have on this palette is the of course the same thing I say about many of these palettes, the brush is a bit flimsy. I would not recommend using these colors with the brush that comes with the palette, I would recommend a Morphe Brush or possibly a Sigma, something that will pack the glitter on much better.

I would even recommend, (which is my trick) using a glitter glue or just simply spraying your brush with something like Smashbox Primer Water, hint hint.) The stuff is AMAZING.

There is not one color in the palette that is not useable. You know how you buy those palettes at Sephora but those couple gorgeous colors? Not this one. Each color is stunning. I can't count how many looks I could create with such a beauty.  I use several of the colors as a contour, on my water line, as a highlighter... the list goes on and on. This is NOT just an eyeshadow palette. Get creative. It can be used for many other things.

So over the course of a few days I created a few looks with the palette.  The first one I used the lighter colors for a daytime look, the second I got a bit heavy with the darker ones. And the third I did day OR nighttime with a light smokey eye.

The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette is available at  the Sephora website for $52.00 As you can tell there are many different looks you can create with just one simple palette. And if you decide to stop into Sephora, they even sell a MINI Palette, yes that's right, a mini palette which is all the colors just smaller. Pretty awesome right? I saw they sell it at Macys too, so I think you an purchase both there as well. This is a gorgeous must have set for anyone who loves Smashbox and loves neutral colors. Did I mention the full sized set also comes with an eyeshadow primer? YES!
Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Too Faced Fall 2015 Collection is Gorgeous!


Wow this collection is gorgeous!
Sometimes I think Too Faced is more about packaging then the actual product. But this packaging is just too gorgeous. I'm really intrigued by the foundation.  YES Born this Way sounds FIERCE. What do you guys think?

MAC Giambattista Valli Launching in July


Oh MAC why do you create such beautiful makeup lines?   These lipsticks look so pretty I can't wait to see them swatched.
MAC Giambattista Valli Lipsticks $17.50
•Bianca B pale white-pink (matte)
•Tats bright hot pink (matte)
•Margherita yellow bright peach (matte)
•Charlotte rich yellow-red (matte) •Eugenie dark cherry with blue undertone (matte)

MAC Crystal Glaze Gloss $23
  • Lena clear with subtle multicoloured pearl
The line will be available on July 9th. I can't wait to see how pretty these colors come out.   This is strictly a lipstick line, I want all the colors! How about you? That pastel pink and orange color have really got me intrigued!!!!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Summer Face with the Lorac 2015 Collection

Hey Beauties! I was in no way paid for this post and it wasn't even sponsored. I was sent no products for the purpose of this review, I just felt so intrigued to write about how much I really liked the bright colors and long wear products I had to let my favorite readers in the world know about them.
Honestly, I've never tried anything from Lorac before this Summer. EVER. Coming from someone that has been a beauty blogger for almost 6 years, that's a bit crazy right? For some reason it never stood out to me, and I always just sort of  walked past it   I finally felt the need to go "all out" when I saw the  Alter Ego Dream Girl  Eye Shadow Palette. 10 gorgeous unique colors all in a very different feeling palette. I love the bright orange cover and the "feel" of it. By that I mean it's not your typical palette cover, it's some sort of soft plastic feel. If anyone knows what this is made out of please let me know. It's driving me slightly crazy. ♥
If I had to create a makeup palette of my very own, I think it would look something like this. The only 2 colors missing would be a frosty ocean like baby blue and a soft baby pink.  There are frost and non-frosty colors ad I really enjoyed the two bottom shadows that are a little larger because they are the neutral and pearly shades. This is SO perfect for Summer, warm and cool tones together packed into a makeup set that fits right into even the smallest handbag. I keep thinking if I was still in high school this would be my #1 must-have and I would have dragged it with me everywhere.
So the Dream Girl Palette, (name is SO fitting) is available at Lorac and Kohls for $24 Hey makeup junkies, you GOT to include this one to your collection. And since I've never been big into Lorac, I jsust found out there was an original palette similar to this called the "Heartbreaker" After seeing it it contains the colors that I thought were missing from THIS one. So now I'm searching to find the first one. Since this palette has trumped most of my palettes in my drawer, I'm feeling the need to include that one as well.  
I also want to mention I'm wearing the new Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer ($33) I got lucky and have all 3 of the colors, but I have to say my favorite by FAR, is the Golden Glow. This is a baked terra cotta, silky bronzer that works as a self tanner. I load this stuff all over my face, neck and shoulders and it's great because it doesn't make you look fake or orange. It just looks like you've been basking in the sun for a little too long, or that you just have a warm healthy glow. I'm also wearing that in the picture.

I'm also wearing the new Porefection Concealer (from Lorac of course) Out of the whole haul, the concealer was a bit of a disappointment, but I was disappointed in MYSELF for choosing colors 100 times too light for my skin.    This  concealer is infused with anti aging components and does last all day, especially when you apply powder over the product to prevent it from smudging and running down your face.  I have the two lightest colors  (P1 and P2 I think? ?) so I really can't honestly tell you guys how I feel because the colors were all wrong. And can I just say, Ulta wouldn't let me bring them back.. really? I had no receipt I get it it, but at least give me store credit!! Ok,  so enough of my venting- just make sure you purchase the right color. Concealer is something that if I don't already know for sure, I HAVE to from now on check my correct color at a Sephora or Ulta store.

Yes dolls my favorite out of the entire Lorac 2015 collection is the lip gloss. Insane color, gorgeous gorgeous.  Lorac came out with a ton of different colors but I have 3 (shown above)  The Alter Ego Lip Gloss ($15) each  will set you back $15 each, which isn't bad for how pigmented and beautiful these are. I can't help but think about my new favorite lipsticks by Anastasia, these are so similar to the cream lipsticks she just came out with.  Can I just say they also smell amazing? Each and every one smells like a delicious vanilla cake. Yum.   If you're looking for a lip gloss that's not tacky or sticky but has a huge pop of color these are right up your alley. I'm wearing the "Socialite" color which is the absolute perfect nude. 

The shine is also amazing, and the pictures don't really do the color justice.  My 2nd favorite color is the "Southern Belle" which is a pop of coral and pink mixed together to create a color similar to a watermelon.  Wow I'm getting hungry talking about makeup. Who would have thought?
So what do you think about the 2015 Summer Lorac Collection? Of course I didn't cover it all and we didn't go into too much detail, but I wanted to show you a completed look with ALMOST every product from the Lorac line.  All products are available on Lorac's website.

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