Thursday, May 23, 2019

FemmeLuxeFinery Giveaway

 I'm giving away the below FemmeLuxe Grey High Neck Cropped Loungewear Set in Size S/M. If your a size small it might be a little bit big, if your a medium it will be a perfect fit. Right now it's for sale for $26.00 on the FemmeLuxe Website.  FemmeLuxe has been so good to me I wanted to say thank you to them by having them join this giveaway. Grey High Neck Cropped Loungewear Set features Fine Rib knit, Long Sleeve cropped jumper with High neck and high waist leggings. Style with Heel to finish off this look. Visit FemmeLuxeFinery for all your fashion must haves. Enter to win a loungewear set below! And remember the size is S/M. This is something I have and I am giving away; it is brand new but the size is S/M and no other size can be ordered if you win the giveaway. You must live in the US.

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Too Faced Life Is a Festival Collection

Too Faced's Life Is A Festival  collection was released earlier this year, and honestly this is my dream makeup line. If I closed my eyes and made up a makeup palette, or any kind of makeup line, this is what I envisioned. The colors of a rainbow, with unicorn packaging and lots of sparkle. The theme is "Peace, Love & Unicorns" and the idea is gorgeous glitter packed pastel colors, with lots of pinks nd yellows.



Life Is a Festival Eye Shadow Palette ($42)
 Life’s a festival with this ethereal palette of duo chromatic shadows that shift in color and a happy mix of bold creamy mattes, pearlescent pops of mystical shades, and an exclusive Unicorn Tears highlighter for face and eyes based on our bestselling lipstick color. For dreamy depth and dimension, mix the formulas together to achieve a high-impact, out-of-this-world festival finish. The entire shadow formula is infused with rose quartz powder to add some love energy to your makeup and the fresh dreamy scent will leave you with an enchanting, ethereal festival vibe

I recently purchased the entire set of Life Is a Festival. It's just too pretty to pass up and me and my daughter are unicorns for Halloween, so I thought this set would be perfect for our Halloween Unicorn Makeup.  In the next couple weeks I will be reviewing the entire set on my blog, and also will be giving away some pieces from the set. This is probably the most beautiful, well packaged, amazing product I have ever reviewed

Stay tuned to my blog for reviews on everything in the Too Faced Life Is a Festival Collection. It really is a keepsake for you Too Faced lovers out there. But now on to the fun, the Giveaway! When I purchased the entire set I actually purchased an extra Too Faced Mystical Effects Lip Topper In the shade "Angel Tears"

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Scandalust Eyeshadow Palette

 Marc Jacobs recently release the Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Collection which is a gorgeous sleek palette with 7 extremely wearable shades in each case. I will be honest, I haven't played around too much with Marc Jacobs Makeup, mostly because the price stag is pretty steep, but Marc Jacobs to me is more of a fashion designer, not makeup. But to say I was impress with the Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic palette, is a major understatement. So the price for each palette is $49, so I only purchased one. The one that stood out to me the most is the Scandalust palette ($49)

The different palettes are described and listed below from the Sephora website;

"Provocouture (dusty plum and magenta): Say it with style; otherwise, you might as well just stay in bed.
Glambition (bare and bronze): She was infamous, known for seeking the most over-the-top glamour.
Frivoluxe (chilled greige and violet): Fabulous! Always dress outrageously and how you want. Who has time for less?
Scandalust (rust and warmed browns with scarlet): Hot pants at the office cause a fuss; that’s why they call her little miss scandalous.
Edgitorial (camouflage and reflective gold): Take a memo. Next season, we’ll see, pleather python, making a scene, enviously, everywhere.
Sartorial (celestial cobalt and icy teal with prismatic gray): Whenever in doubt: power platforms. Make sure (for once) they know who runs the show.

This is how the Scandalust palette is described per Sephora's website;
"Empower your inner eye stylist with these ultra-luxe eyeshadow palettes, each featuring four fashion finishes: buttery matte velvet, shimmering satin, sparkling silk, and metallic lamé. Each curated palette includes a covetable mix of chic neutral, wearable shades and provocative pops in a new super-plush shadow formulation to cover lids in lasting, velvety-rich pigment. Available in six different colorways, choose the wardrobe that speaks to you, then layer it on to make the ultimate impression. "
The colors are extremely blendable and I found that when my makeup brush was wet, the colors went on much deeper and more rich, especially the golds, the colors are pigmente
The palette is so gorgeous, it is probably my favorite piece in my entire makeup collection right now. The colors are creamy and rich and have my favorite shades. (Starting from the top)
Hot Pants- An Off white Sparkle Shade that works great as the first layer on your eyelid.
At The Office- A Basic Mauve Brown that works well as a base to the eyeshadow you're about to pack on.
Cause A Fuss- A Shimmery Latte Color that packs a light glitter punch with a tad bit of fall out.
That's Why- A Rusy Dark Brown perfect for the inner crease and the v of your eyelid.
They Call Her- A Dark Rusty Sparkle perfect for the inner or outer lid creating a sparkle that will last all day. This color works a lot better when wet.
Little Miss- A Dark Plum which work me only work in the outer V for a dramatic smokey eye effect.
Scandalust- A dark dim purple that brings a dramatic color to the smokey eye that this palette can create. This is my favorite color out of the palette, and I use this under my eyelash line for a more dramatic look

Wearing the colors just as I listed above, the white in my inner corner of my eyelid and under my eyebrow, and  the last dark purple color under my eye and around, with the other colors in the middle on my eyelid.
The picture above is me using all the colors to incorporate a daytime smokey eye.

If you love a good smokey eye with a bit of red in the mix (blue eyes should love these colors) then this is the perfect palette for you. Marc Jacobs really brought the goods on these beauties.

All the Marc Jacob Eye-Conic Palettes are available on Marc Jacob's website for $49.00 (If you're thinking of purchasing please click my affiliate link)

Overall I'm obsessed with the Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Scandalust Palette and I think you will too if you decide to pick it up.


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Museum of Ice Cream X Sephora Collection will make you HUNGRY


I was crusing through Sephora today, when I had to stop at the delicious stand of pink sprinkles and bright colors. This might be one of my favorite collections to date that Sephora has brought. This is a limited collection inspired by the Museum Of Ice Cream in NYC. I love the sprinkles encased in the gorgeous makeup brushes, along with the delicious clutch. I want every single thing and I can rarely say that about any collection. 

Museum Of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection Dream Team Pigment Palette ($42) is a fun playful palette with 12 sprinkle covered creamy shadows to last you all day long.

Museum Of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection Sprinkle Pool Brush Set ($64) is a gorgeous set of sprinkle filled makeup brushes, along with a sprinkle case. This is must have out of the entire collection. I don't think I've ever been more obsessed with makeup brushes!
 Probably the only one I won't be trying out Is the Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection Rainbow Sherbert Lashes ($18) These might be fun for Halloween, but that is about it. They are colorful, and DO remind me of sherbert, but not really my daily look.

 Museum Of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection Sugar Wafer Palette ($36) is a limited edition palette that consists of bronzer, highlight and cheek flush. The colors are super gorgeous and I really want to try this out.

Museum Of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection Let Them Eat Popsicles Lip Set ($34) consists of 4 lightweight soft colorful lip stains that leave your lips "comfortable" Per the Sephora website. I think the colors look delightful, especially that second pink.

 Museum Of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection I SCREAM Charm bracelet ($28) is the most creative part of this gorgeous set. It is a charm bracelet that opens up and contains a cheek tint, highlighter and lip gloss. At first I thought each charm opened up, which would make the price worth it, but only 3 of the charms open, which was a little disappointing to say the least. But my 6 year old has been begging me for this bracelet, so we will see the quality of the product.

 So do you love the collection as much as I do? If I pick up anything it will be the sprinkle brush set, because it is so scrumptious looking. What do you like or what have you tried?  You can find the entire Museum Of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection on Sephora's website.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

LUSH Halloween 2018

It's that time again at Lush, my favorite bath/shower place of all time. Halloween is my favorite time on Lush's website, because they always come up with such spooky fun bath products. My kids love Lush, it makes bath time fun for them. Although I try to explain, you can't put the WHOLE bath balm in the water, they are EXPENSIVE! Ha! Anyways, here are some of this year's scarrriest bath goodies.
 is a fruity lime and neroli perfume that is guaranteed to make your bath a beautiful bright pink.  This one is more cute then spooky, and I almost wish it had 2 eyes, because it isn't very scary to me. But it does smell amazing, and this is my top pick for Lush's Halloween goodies this year.
 Now this is a little more spooky, it does look like a real bloody red eyeball.  This is a blend of lavender, rose & ylang ylang oils. But be careful, it may be wattttccching you!

                                                             Sparkly Pumpkin ($6.95)

A sparkly pumpkin reminds me more of Thanksgiving, and not really Halloween, but the colors and glitter just make this a gorgeous decoration, until you soak it in your bath. Juniper Berry, lime and grapefruit oil making this one probably my favorite smelling one of out the haul. I love when Lush adds sparkle to their bath balms. This is a much better decoration piece then in the bath; it also makes your bathroom smell great.
Bewitched ($6.95)
A spooky black cat makes any Halloween the perfect fright night, and if you're wondering what the scent is on this bath balm, it's a cloud of fruity bubbles that will make your bath absolute perfection with dark mysterious waters. This one my kids WON'T do because they don't like to get in a bath full of BLACK water, so this one went to waste a little. I'm sure of the exact notes in the fragrance, but it's fruity and clean smelling.
This spooky ghoul is a Citrus-sweet lemongrass covered in organic cocoa butter butter, meant to keep the moisture locked on your skin all day long. Another great decoration piece, this is a soap that will scare away all dirt and oil and of course dryness ! (I got that line from the Lush website, I couldn't help but include it) This ghost looks more friendly then scary though, with a big silly smile. Who could be scared of such a cute little ghost?

If you enjoy this one, it also comes in a Jelly Bomb & a Solid Perfume. Personally I like the slime green color. That is the part that makes it so intriguing to me,  plus the scents are a Ghostly Grapefruit and a terrifying tangerine. I think I MUST get the perfume version of this, because I don't think this one will stick around past Halloween, and the Lush perfumes usually come and go with the season. But if you're unsure if this is for you, try the bath balm or the shower cream and I guarantee this will be a hit in your household.

This makes the perfect gift if you know someone who has a birthday around Halloween, or you just want to make someone happy, this is an amazing present. Monsters Ball, Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb & 2 headed Knot Wrap make this a trio of bathtime perfection.  This is just the perfect gift that says, "I love you" and I want you to smell GREAT this Halloween.

Fangs - Wrapped Gift ($11.95)
An eyeball bath balm wrapped in Fangs knot wrap is just a little gift to tell someone Happy Halloween this year. All it is is a bath balm wrapped in cute Lush paper, so it's nothing too special, but it just lets someone know you're thinking of them this Halloween.
Overall, I'm impressed with the lineup from Lush this Halloween. My favorite pick is the Ectoplasm Shower Gel/Perfume, because the scent is my absolute favorite, Grapefruit. So if you're only going to buy one thing from the collection this year, I would peep that for sure. If you're looking for a bath balm I would go with Monster's Ball, but I am a "fruity" scent person, if you love the flower smell Lush brings- the Eyeball is my top pick. And if you're unsure about it all, just check their website.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection

So as most of you have probably noticed, I have not been blogging about makeup lately. There are just so many things going on in my life, the last thing I want to write or even think about it is makeup. But Too Faced (probably my favorite makeup for gorgeous packaging) released this amazing Tutti Frutti line and I felt the need to share it with all of you. I mean, this is brilliant. Delicioius smelling makeup! Why wasn't this thought of sooner? And the packaging is just so cute and pretty, I want every single piece. I am a sucker for beautiful packaging. The makeup could totally suck and I'm sold on a cute little pineapple compact.
I personally haven't tried any of these products yet, but I will let you know my top picks, and the pieces I will be picking up right when I get paid on Friday. My favorite scent/ perfume or smell for cosmetics is cotton candy followed by cupcake, so I hope Too Faced does some more of their good smelling sugar things, like a cotton candy line. I'm also SO Stoked about their new Unicorn makeup (which I will post later on in the week)  But for now, lets stick to the Tutti Frutti line.
As far as colors, this one might be my favorite. I am obsessed with the adorable pineapple packaging. I imagine it smells like a delicious fruit salad, making me crave fruits every time I wear it.

This is the Too Faced Sparkling Pineapple Eyeshadow Palette ($34) I imagine the glitter payoff on a wet or dry swatch is amazing, and gold happily never goes out of style. All these colors are A+, usually on a super cute palette, the creator puts a few crappy colors in there just for fill, but this one is beautiful. A must have for true Too Faced Makeup Collectors.

Too Faced Razzle Dazzle Berry Palette  ($34) might be a pass for me, depending on the smell or not.  Site says it smells like "Fresh Berries" that could either be amazing and scrumptious, or disgusting and fall a bit flat. So I won't know if I need this until I actually get my hands on it.  The first 5 colors are fabulous, especially that 4th red color, the last 2 are just so-so. So we will see. I will be doing a full review when I actually have the product in hand.

Too Faced Twinkle Twinkle  Liquid Glitter ($22) Now THESE are my #2 must have from the Tutti Frutti collection, because Too Faced knows how to do glitter. And these colors have me drooling !  Each one smells like a candied fruit, and in all honesty, if I'm going to spend the money on anything in this collection, I want it to smell amazing.  The colors include, Guava Glitz, Honey Please!, Strawberries and Cha, Sweet Spot, Lemon Zest, Citrus Mistress , Ice Queen & Macchiato Madness.  None of those have me saying YES I must have, but they do peak my interest a little bit. I hope there are testers of each one for me to smell when I walk into Ulta or Sephora.

Too Faced Juicy Fruits Lip Glaze ($20) So the best part of these glittery glosses is the silly names that Too Faced has came up with. "Show me your Coconuts,  Yummy Rummy, Dreamsicle,  Takes Two to Mango,  Blue You Away, Plum Crazy are among some of the Tutti Frutti inspired flavors.
 These might be too sheer for me, but I won't know until I am trying it on.  They still make me want to go in the store and smell each one. Dreamsicle is my #1 in this lineup.

Too Faced Dew You Foundation ($36)  When I saw there was a foundation line included in the collection, I thought wow did they really make a foundation that smells like fruit? No way. I haven't talked to anyone who has tried this foundation yet, but it sounds more like a BB Cream, or a lighter wear of foundation. It is infused with watermelon and cucumbers to keep your skin tone even and your skin feeling soft. The website claims Full Coverage,  but I'm curious to see what this foundation is about. I have super dry skin so something like this is probably what I need to keep my face hydrated this winter. I will be purchasing this for sure.  It almost reminds me of my favorite foundation, BB Cream of all time ( IT CC Coverage Cream) so if anyone has tried this please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Too Faced Dew You Setting Spray ($30) This I will be passing on, lately I've been thinking setting spray is just an overpriced water, but just last week I purchased the Too Faced Peach Setting Spray, (review will be up later this week) which I love to just smell on my face. But does it really set my makeup? Who knows.  This is currently the only item out of the collection that is out of stock on the Too Faced website.  It can also be sprayed on your body for a cucumber scent.

Too Faced It's Bananas Brightening Setting Powder ($30) This is my #1 must have out of this collection and I will tell you why.  I love a good brightening powder, and when it has a hint of yellow in it, I just feel like it brightens my face so much more.  And PLUS the cute little bananas in the powder AND it really smells like bananas? SOLD! To me, I'm buying two of them.  I really wish they would have put more banana scented products in the collection, maybe a banana body spray. Bananas are really underrated.

Too Faced Pineapple Paradise Strobing Bronzer Highlighting Duo ($30) is an also must have for pineapple lovers everywhere. Too Faced claims it smells like fresh pineapple,  I will be the judge of that. But I will say, for the price Too Faced puts on their merchandise, their makeup really does last. I Have Too Faced palettes that are over 5 years old that still work just as well as the first day. And the packaging is so pretty you never really want to throw it away.  I am a huge lover of bronzers and highlighters, and Too Faced has perfected the bronzer to a tee, so this is another must have for me.

Too Faced Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo ($30) 4 different colors. 4 different fruit scented blushes all with their own adorable packaging. This one is really tough for me to choose my favorite. Cherry Bomb, Apricot in the Act, StrobeBerry,  & Plumagranate. I tend to lean to the first colors, which aren't as bright and as pink, but honestly I think I need every single one.  It's really the worst when you want every piece of a makeup collection, but they are so darn expensive.

Too Faced Frosted Fruits Highlighter Stick ($30) in Pink Lemonaid (another one of my FAVORITE smells ) and Strawberry Sparkle. These can be used on the face of eyes and smells like the fresh scent that it describes.  I have never really tried out a highlighter stick, but this might be a new favorite for me. Highlighter has always worked best for me as a powder, but a liquid or stick? It can't hurt to try. !

Too Faced Fresh Squeeze Highlighting Drops ($30) This is something new and intriguing to me. Highlighting drops of liquid you just put on your skin. Do they work or does it stay on? These are things I will need to research and find out on my own.
 Pink Grapefruit is one of my favorite scents and I will be purchasing that one for sure , Pina Colada is not a smell I usually indulge in, so I will pass on that one, but I'm curious for the actual effects of the product.

Tutti Frutti Enamel Pin Trio ($18) A set of 3 delightful  pins that can be added to your purse, or in my daughter's situation, your backpack. Who doesn't love an adorable pin? They should be smelly too, but hey we can't have it our way everytime eh?
Tutti Frutti Pen & Notebook ($10) If you're big into journaling, or always having paper and pen around you for notes, groceries, etc this is the cutest little set to have. Why wasn't this around when I was in school? I would have lugged this cuteness everywhere. Personally I like the pen the best, and the paper is just eh so so.
All the products shown above are available on Too Faced's website right now.  If you're going to purchase anything I appreciate you buying it through the links in this blog post. It helps pay for my website as well as the products I review. I can't wait to go to the store and buy some of these, my stomach is growling just writing about all the yummy smells. I hope that other makeup brands follow Too Faced in the smell department..
And from reading all the reviews I have read, and all the beauty blogs I have seen, the must have products from this lineup are the blushes, the eyeshadows and the highlighter products. Oh as well as my MUST have, the banana setting powder.  If any of you have tried any of these products, please let me know what I need to have and what I can live without.
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