Thursday, October 27, 2016

Laser Treatments for Hair Removal

  Day after day, you have to keep your appointment in the bathroom. You know, the one with the razor blade. It doesn't matter how good a job you did yesterday, hair stubble greeted you once again today. If you've grown tired of that routine, then it's time to consider a laser treatment to remove the hair.

How do lasers remove hair?

First understand that cosmetic hair removal lasers are medical grade, meaning they are made to target and treat specific cells without harming the rest of the area. These lasers use a principle called photothermolysis to apply light energy to the skin. They target the pigment in hair follicles to heat them until the root structure is destroyed.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

A single treatment will remove all the hair in the treated area for at least several weeks. The hair that grows back in that area will be much finer than before the procedure was performed. Lasers are FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, but do not permanently remove hair. In other words, they reduce the amount of hair that grows back. Each subsequent treatment will reduce even more growth. An average of about five treatments will reduce growth by up to 90%.

What areas can be treated?
Laser hair removal is very popular for legs and the bikini area, especially during bikini season. Other areas that can be treated are back, chest, underarms, and some areas of the face like the chin. Although lasers of today are far safer than they were two decades ago, they still should not be used around the eyes.
Lasers for use at home
There are many personal lasers on the market these days for consumers to use at home. The advertisements make them sound just as good, if not better, than the ones used in cosmetic clinics. The problem is that they simply aren't as good as professional lasers. In order to be safe for the average consumer to use, they cannot be as powerful. They don't perform at the same level as the ones in the clinics.
Before you try to find laser hair removal machines for sale, stop and learn what that really entails. The lasers used in clinics are medical grade cosmetic devices and may only be operated by certified trained specialists and, in some states, people with medical backgrounds. There is also the cost factor to consider, since purchasing such a device will be far more expensive than even a dozen treatments at a clinic.
Getting the laser treatment
When you first go to the spa for a laser treatment, remember to get there a few minutes early as there will be medical forms to complete. During your appointment, the certified technician will apply a topical anaesthetic if you have a low pain tolerance. The laser machine will be applied to your skin, going back over areas a few times to completely cover the area. After the procedure is finished, the technician will give you follow-up care instructions. You can then return to your regular activities or work after the appointment.
Follow-up Care
It is essential that you follow the laser treatment with simple skin care. By doing so, you will get the most from your treatment and minimize irritations in the treated areas: 
Apply ice packs or cooling compresses if there is any redness or burning sensations 
Stay out of the sun. It is best if you avoid any exposure to the sun for at least a month or more. 
Do not rub or scratch at the skin in the treated area as you my irritate it or even cause an infection

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ever Overnight Facial Renewal Oil

Ever has created an amazing product with their cellular renewal oil ($88) This is meant to fight the signs of aging for firmer, tighter and more toned looking skin.  Retinol is the #1 age fighting product when it comes to growing older and wrinkles.  Ever Overnight Cellular Renewal Oil takes Retinol and a clinically proven tetrapeptide and combines them with anti aging super strength  for dramatic skin results.

From their website:

REGENERATE: Retinol is clinically proven to firm and even skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help decrease the appearance of pores.

FIRM: Tetrapeptide is one of the most effective, clinically proven peptides available, and helps diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles while lifting and firming to help lift the years off.

FIGHT FREE RADICALS: Teprenone is a cell protector that is clinically proven to help reduce the top 10 visible signs of aging.

To use you want to make sure all your makeup is off and your face is cleansed and then simply take one drop (3 times per week only) and rub the oil on your face. Even as a dry skinned person the thought of rubbing oil on my face always rubbed me the wrong way, however this oil seemed different. The smell reminds me of "clay" but as soon as I put it on I feel refreshed and awakened. (Even if its before I'm about to go to bed)

Overall I love the results on my face. In the morning my skin feels soft and doesn't feel rough or dry. (Which it usually does when I wake up) After using it for 2 weeks straight I see a significant difference in my skintone and overall texture of the skin on my face.  Now the product only says use THREE times a week and I was using it every night, so I'm not sure what difference that made or not. I'm sure you would probably get the same results using it as directed, I just tend to overuse my beauty products. 
Ever Overnight Facial Oil is available for $88 on their website for $88.  You can find them on Facebook and Twitter too!
Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

Natural Treatments for Healthy Skin

If you’re looking after your skin correctly, you’ll be applying various creams and serums every day. They can all work wonders on your skin, but they sure are packed full of chemicals. Sometimes it is best to stick to natural alternatives. Intrigued by using natural treatments for healthy skin? Here are some of the best ingredients to use.


Cucumbers are excellent when used on the skin around the eyes. Lots of people tend just to place slices over their eyes for a few minutes. All the nutrients soak into the skin and leave the eyes looking revitalized and wide awake. But cucumber pulp is also effective when pulped and rubbed into the skin. Use it as an ingredient in a homemade face mask. A cucumber is 95% water, so the pulp adds a great moisturizing property to your natural face masks.


Well, any orange vegetables are great for your skin, actually! And that’s because they contain high levels of beta-carotene. This naturally occurring chemical helps the skin heal from sun damage. It also speeds up the healing process for wounds and cuts. Not only that but it also has antioxidant properties. How to get the most of all the beta-carotene in orange veggies? Mash them up and add them to your homemade face mask.


You might have thought oats were just good for oatmeal. So may be surprised to hear that they are also healthy skin solutions. Oats act as a natural cleanser and, as a result, are a great way to fight against dry and patchy skin. Their gritty texture also makes them a great exfoliant. And their benefits don’t end there. They have some antioxidant properties which can help your sun heal after sun damage and being exposed to pollution.


If you make homemade face masks already, you will probably add honey because it is great at making the mixture stick to your face. But it also has lots of other excellent benefits. All the enzymes in it can work their magic inside your pores and give them a thorough cleanse. It can also reduce the appearance of acne and blemishes. If you don’t want your face to get too sticky, you can add a couple of teaspoons to your next bath. Soaking in the honey water will cleanse your skin thoroughly.


Avocado is possibly the best natural ingredient there is for your skin! If you look up a recipe for a face mask online, chances are it will include avocado. It contains carotenoids which are an antioxidant that protect the skin from environmental damage. Getting enough carotenoids can thicken your skin, making it appear plumper and younger. Avocados also have high levels of Vitamins C and E as well as Omega 3 fatty acids. All of these are super beneficial to your skin.

If you mix up all these awesome ingredients into a face mask, your skin will instantly benefit from all their healthy properties! Check online for even more ingredients you can add.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Top 3 Reasons you Must Look After your Teeth

There are a million and one reasons everyone needs to look after their teeth properly. However, a significant number of people still fail to attend regular check-ups with their dentist. That is something we need to change because poor oral hygiene can cause many other issues. The infographic I’ve published on this page could come in useful if you require advice on techniques. Even so, I wanted to highlight some problems you might face if you fail to take heed.

It’s Hard Enough To Find Love

Like it or not, bad teeth could make it more difficult for you to find a life partner. Your mouth is often the first place people focus their gaze when you strike up a conversation. If they see yellow teeth and smell bad breath, things aren’t going to work in your favour.

You’ll Develop Other Health Problems

People who don’t maintain good oral hygiene could develop other health issues in the future. For instance, it could contribute towards outbreaks of thrush and other infections. It could also increase the chances of you suffering from mouth cancer in later life.

Nobody Likes Bad Breath

Bad breath could impact your life in many different ways. We’ve already discussed how it could stop you from meeting someone special. However, it could also result in trouble finding work or maintaining a job.

Now you understand the implications of not looking after your teeth; I hope you will all take the issue a little more seriously. Just don’t forget to check the infographic for suggestions and advice. It contains all the information you could ever want to know.

Infographic Designed By Dr Michael Tam  

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Eco-Friendly Masks for You and Mother Earth

Everyone seems to be wearing sheet masks these days, but little do they know the amount of chemicals they’re leaving on there for 15-20 minutes. Many of those trendy treatments contain ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, etc. that sit there, being soaked up by your skin. Not to mention, they’re not the most environment-friendly once they’re thrown away.
This Earth Day, unmask the first-ever line of eco-conscious sheet masks from BioRepublic. Offering a 15 minute rejuvenating facial treatment, these masks ensure optimal delivery of vital nutrients and nutrients to the skin. Paraben, sulfate, phthalate and triclosan-free, a blend all-natural ingredients including witch hazel water, licorice root, star anise, green tea extract and vitamin E deliver the necessities the skin needs to maintain a natural glow. Plus, each biodegradable and recyclable mask is formulated with bamboo fiber, which consumes less water in production than trees used for pulp fiber masks, takes out more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than trees used for pulp fiber masks, prevents soil erosion and deforestation and does not require fertilizers or pesticides.
With BioRepublic sheet masks, you can green up your beauty routine 365 days a year in 20 minutes or less!
The Aloe Rescue Repair Mask ($4.99) was my favorite from Bio Republic. It's infused with natural collagen and perfect for after being out in the sun all day.  It provided immediate hydration and when you have dry skin like myself, aloe rescue is super refreshing. Nothing works better on dry sun exposed skin then aloe vera.  This mask at only $5 is really a must have for me.  

My other trouble spot? Under my eyes. I am constantly waking up tired with bags under my eyes, so the Lost Baggage  Under Eye Emergency Repair Mask ($5.00)  is clinically designed to repair late night damage and delay the signs of stress and aging, these under eye patches deliver a swift blow to wrinkles, bags and dark circles. Each one contains a restorative infusion of peptides, elastin, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Made from 100% pure biocellulose hydrogel material, which is known for its ability to absorb and lock in moisture, these express masks offer an effective, luxurious treatment for all skin types.
If you have combination skin, the No More Years Eternal Radiance Mask  ($10.00) will probably be your best bet.  "A targeted express facial treatment designed to slow the signs of aging. The mask delivers a powerful infusion of regenerating nutrients, Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and keep skin looking plump, firm and full of life. " Since I don't have combination skin, this was still amazing for aging skin, but my face is so dry I think the Aloe Vera was still the one that worked best for me. But if you have combo dry/oily skin, this will work wonders.
And last what's not best for your face other then cucumbers?  The Cucumber Breeze Soothing Mask ($4.99) is perfect for stressed skin combination, dry or oily.  With plant collagen and vitamin C this is sure to make your face feel refreshed and clean.
Soothes stressed skin and improves complexion.
Tightens pores and reduces appearance of fine lines.
For calm, rejuvenated, spring-fresh skin.
This was also one of my top favorites. At $5, you can't beat these face masks.
Bio Republic  has a face mask for every skin type, regardless of your age, gender, skin type, etc. They have it all. Visit them here for more information on their amazing sheet masks.
Disclosure: A press sample was sent for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Make Sure You Follow These Tips When Going to the Dentist


Going to the dentist can be a very fearful time for a lot of people. It’s one of those things we really dread doing, but it’s important to try and go at least once a year. They can tell you if you are having any issues with your teeth. They can fix any issues so that your
smile can be great again. Here’re some tips for when it’s time to go to see the dentist so that it is a successful visit.

Prepare to wait

Unfortunately, it’s likely that your appointment won’t be on time. Like the doctors, sometimes they will run over, causing delays. Make sure you still get there early enough, though. Take some magazines to read while you are waiting for your appointment. If they are over 20 minutes late, you should speak to the receptionist.

Take a breath

It can be scary going to the Dentist, and some people have a real fear of sitting in the chair for a check-up. Try and write a list of what stresses you out the most about going, and try and figure out the cause of your worries. As it says here, you can talk to your dentist, and they will be able to reassure you. You can stop the dentist at any time if something feels uncomfortable. Try and keep relaxed before going, and take some deep breaths.

Brush your teeth

You need to make sure your teeth are looking their best before heading to the Dentist. Therefore, give them a good brush before your appointment. It might be time to replace your toothbrush if it’s not great, and you can visit for some good toothbrushes. However, according to this article, you should not brush too much before your appointment. It won’t reverse any decay you have caused in between appointments. It can actually cause extra gum inflation if you do too much brushing and flossing. So just give them a thorough clean before heading to see the Dentist.

                    Image Source

Be honest

As it says here, it’s best to come clean about any issues you have been having with your teeth. If you have been having pain from a certain tooth, you should inform your dentist. They might also ask you questions about your oral care. If you haven’t been so great with brushing, it’s best to be honest. If you have been smoking, it will be wise to tell them, as this can also affect your teeth. Also, if your medical health has changed since your last appointment, it's crucial to tell your Dentist. It can affect the treatments they can give you.

Book another appointment

When you have finished with the Dentist, you need to make sure you book another appointment. They will tell you whether you should be going back in three months, six months or a year. You might have to book in for further treatments such as a filling. As it says in this article, it’s so important to book as even if you have no issues now, you don’t know what’s around the corner!


Remember that going to the Dentist doesn’t have to be a painful experience, and will be over quickly!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Top Comprehensive Guide For Keeping Your Skin Beautiful

When it comes to maintaining our confidence and our looks, there are few things we put as much focus into as our skin. Protecting and nurturing the youth, smoothness and softness of our skin is something we take seriously. Why wouldn’t we? It’s ever visible and so much of what we wear is about just how much of it we flaunt or choose not to. There are a whole range of options out there, with mileage varying from person to person. Are you looking for new ways to protect your skin? Perhaps we could highlight something you’ve never tried.

1)      Anti-aging creams
The first stop for anyone who’s starting to worry that their skin might be beginning to let them down. There are a whole range of anti-aging creams available, so it’s important to know the best ones to look out for. You’re looking for the creams that emphasise on moisture as well as collagen. Most of us know collagen from the injections, but it’s an active ingredient in fighting the process that wrinkles cream. That makes it the top ingredient to look for when choosing a cream.

2)      What you don’t want in your skin creams
Part of maintaining that regime of perfect skin care is placing an emphasis on what we don’t use on our skin, as well. Watchdogs and consumers are putting more care into looking on the label these days and for good reason. There are still products using ingredients that not only make skincare less effective. They can actually do damage instead of doing good. Fragrance mixes are a bad idea, for example. Using the headline ‘fragrance’ is a way of protecting industry secrets. However, some cream manufacturers can also be hiding some terrible ingredients.

3)      Foods for beautiful skin
You are what you eat. So is your skin for that matter. There’s a great deal we can do in our diets that can make the fight for more youthful skin all the easier. So, where do you start? We’re not recommending goat liver or any ingredients you’ll have to look twice at. All of these are incredibly easy to add to your diet. Green tea’s a nice relaxing drink full of beneficial polyphenols. Walnuts and almonds make a good healthy snack while providing loads of Omega-3 to make your skin younger and smoother.

4)      Foods to avoid
Just like the ingredients of a skin cream, food is one to watch. There are also ingredients in your diet that might make it more difficult to get the kind of gorgeous skin you want. Some of them might even seem like great health options at first. Artificial sweeteners have no nutritional value and are only there to replace sugar. That in itself doesn’t make it good for your body, especially your skin. Some of the others are the usual suspects: sugar, caffeine and salt.

5)      Supplementing
If you’re not able to get all the skincare ingredients you need in your diet, don’t worry. So long as they don’t mess with any medication or diets and are used in moderation, supplements can provide with everything you need. Fern extract can be exactly what you need for treating embarrassing conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Cod liver oil contains the exact same Omega-3 that you can get from certain nuts. But supplements have it in an easily consumed, calorie-light form if you’re watching your intake.

6)      Break out the sunscreen
That’s right, you don’t have to wait for summer to roll out (though you should wear it then, too). Sunscreen is a great option for any time of the year as part of your skincare package. Studies have shown, for one, that sunscreen users report 24% less chances of signs of aging that non-users. Part of this is due to the easily absorbed, naturally hydrating nature of the lotions. Another element is some of the ingredients. Keratin, collagen and elastin are some of the skin essentials found in those wonderful little bottles.

7)      Hitting the spa
It’s no secret that the spa’s a great idea for just about any beauty and well-being option. It’s part of the whole appeal of the place, after all. But did you know you can choose specific treatments for the exact conditions of your skin? Next time you go to the spa, research which choices can be the best option for you skin in particular. Now you’ll know for sure how effective that lovely day out can be.

8)      Making your own spa treatment
We can’t always afford a day out to the spa, however. They can be quite expensive, after all! So, when you can’t make it out to that luxurious day out, have a luxurious day in instead. With a little help from these recipes at Glamour, you can create your very own spa treatments. This way you can also be sure that all the ingredients you use are fully natural. From rose water treatments to recreating the sauna experience, they have you well and truly covered.

9)      Microdermabrasion
For those of you who haven’t heard the term before: no, we didn’t fall face first on the keyboard. Microdermabrasion is the method of exfoliating the very outer layer of skin and all its imperfections. You have loads of layers of skin that quickly regenerate, so don’t imagine you’re doing any harm to yourself. Using the best at home microdermabrasion can save you a lot of costs by simply revealing younger, firmer layers of skin. There are professional services you can go to, but with just a little practice, an at-home tool will do all that for a lot less.

10)  Cosmetic surgery
Anyone who’s feeling uncomfortable in their own skin know how drastic they can feel the need for a change. If you’re truly unhappy with your situation and nothing works, cosmetic surgery can be the answer. Don’t be afraid of any taboos, just take the steps towards the skin you want. A round of botox can only take a couple of hours and leave your skin feeling all the firmer and younger. Don’t let anyone get in the way of getting a body image that makes you happy.
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