Friday, November 13, 2009

Kristine's Shower Review

I LOVE Kristine's Shower. I first found this company through a blog giveaway, and after looking at their website, I knew i had to try out their bath products. So many bath balms, sugar scrubs and even lip gloss I fell in love! After winning my first, I was hooked. I was so into this company , I actually went out of my way to win ANOTHER blog giveaway and i was SO excited about. The thing that probably attracted me most to the site, was the bath balms. You can buy them in single pack, 3 pack all the way to a Bucket Of Bombs which is 15 different yummy flavors all in a washtub wrapped up in gift wrapping!!

When I say they have TONS of different scents to choose from, I'm not lying! The bath balms are made out of Baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, shea butter, coconut & palm oils, fragrance & coloring. You can buy them in scents such as Enchanted Apple, Orange Dream, Sweet Pea , Vanilla Sugar, Lavender Dreams and SO many more. And at $2.00 a pop, your skin WILL freak out! There is nothing better to me then a luxurious bath, with a great bath bomb to end a stressful day.

I also really enjoyed
Kristine's Shower body sorbet. Never greasy, and NO parabens, NO chemical preservatives and NO mineral oils it was perfect for not only legs and arms, but my feet loved it as well. My skin stayed smooth all day, and the scent was soft, and not too strong.

aloe vera body whip is not only beautiful to look at, but a perfect moisturizer to just throw in your purse and go out with. You can purchase this in any scent listed in their Scent List and in any size from a 2oz starting from$5.99 up to a 8 oz tub.

Kristine's Shower is perfect for your holiday gift giving this year. Who doesn't love to receive bath and body products in their stocking? Not only do they carry the above products, but they also carry lava lip gloss, Mens's Sugar scrubs & bath balms & amazing soaps full of beneficial nut/vegetable oils & shea butter!! Visit Kristine's Shower now for all your bath and body needs this Christmas holiday.

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