Friday, April 9, 2010

AG Hair Review

AG Hair Cosmetics is a Canadian brand established in 1989. The AG products are distributed through salons, and are currently available in North America. This company was started in a basement, and now is sold all over thousands of salons in the US. Their philosophy is simply to produce hair products that offer outstanding results. I had the opportunity to try out some products from AG Hair Cosmetics. And I have to say I was more then pleased. In the past, I have been more then dissapointed in some of the hair products I've tried. My hair is naturally black and I dye it blonde every month or so, it is VERY important to me that I find a shampoo/conditioner takes care of my blonde locks! This brand really delivers and I'm so happy I get to share my results with all of you.

The AG colour savour shampoo and AG colour savour protection conditioner are two great hair products for saving the color of your hair. The shampoo is mild and sulfate free with luscious lather, formulated to protect and prolong the vibrancy of your hair colour. My favorite part was the delicious, almost citrus like smell, and how much it lathered. I can't stand when shampoo doesn't give you any lather, because then it doesn't feel like it's working as well. The conditioner is made with a rich detangling power, formulated to protect and prolong the color of your hair. This smelled even BETTER then the shampoo, it actually reminded me of Trix, the cereal. :) Best smelling conditioner out there!! My hair smells amazing right now!!! These both retail for $20, which is not too expensive when it comes to hair care products.

The Foam Weightless Volumizer is a miracle worker. This product is ideal for fine to medium hair, providing feather-light volume, softness and shine. My hair is neither fine or medium, it's more on the thick and wavy side, but this product really did the job on my hair. This also retails for $20 on their site, and is well worth the money. I applied this in my hair after washing. I noticed results right away, because my hair wasn't sticking to my head as it usually does. With the use of my large round brush, my roots came alive, and I actually saw much more body in my hair. It also allowed me to style easier. I think the Weightless Volumizer really is a life saver.

And now, for my FAVORITE Ag Hair product, drum roll.. PLEASE!! ................

The Split end repair serum instantly conditions and repairs split ends while significantly protecting hair colour. I get split ends ALL the time! There is no easy solution. I find myself buying expensive hair masques and treatment creams that fix the problem for a couple days. But THIS is the answer!! I applied this after blow drying and once I was done, I noticed the normal split end spots had been repaired. After ONE time of usage!! This product received ELLE Magazine's best defrizzing product, so that tells you this is the real deal. This is my favorite product out of the AG Hair Cosmetics set i received. This will be a must-have in my beauty box for a long time to come. If you have split ends the way I do, this is your best solution. It sells for $24 at your local salon.

All products reviewed can be found at salons everywhere. To find your closest salon that sells AG Hair cosmetics, vist

I received products for the purpose of reviewing only. All opinions in this post are my own. No monetary exchange occurred during the course of this review.

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