Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Best and Worst of Cotton Candy-UPDATED

So if you have been reading my blogs for a while now, you know my FAVORITE scents is Cotton Candy. So i thought it was fitting to share with all of my fabulous readers the best and the worst of cotton candy. I have searched far and wide for fabulous candy scents, just so I could tell you all the best and the worst. I do have to tell you, I found more good then bad. I was incredibly surprised by what kind of cotton candy products are out there. I really think this scent is becoming one of the more common flavors, which is great for people like me who enjoy sugary, fruity, yummy smells.

Although it is currently not on their scent list, probably due to popular demand, Crater Lake Company makes two amazing cotton candy scents, Candy Man and Cotton Candy Candy. I have never received SO many compliments on a perfume! With tons of sugary yummy treat scents to choose from, CraterLake continues to be one of my favorite sweet guilty pleasures.

A smaller company I actually came across a while ago, is Jasmine's Bath and Beauty products. For $5.00 you can't beat this body butter. The flavor, Pink Cotton Candy is my favorite cotton candy butter out there, and it leaves your skin so smooth and soft. She also carries delicious flavors such as Sugar Cookie and StrawberryKisses. This is one of those companies not many people know about, but they really should!!

And we can't forget about body scrubs! Abbibody carries one of the best cotton candys scents out there. Their luxurious moisturizing scrubs are designed to heal and invigorate your skin with enchanting aromas that help you relax your mind, body and soul. Made with natural and organic ingredients, our scrubs will leave your skin feeling supple and fresh all day long. As soon as i received this i had to try it right away, and the cotton candy scrub was so amazing, this far exceeded my expectations for any cotton candy scent, therefore this has been deemed my favorite cotton candy product!! They also carry flavors like peppermint candy, chocolate souffle and Mandarin. This product goes for $38.00 on their site, and is well worth the price. Visit Abbibody for a complete look at all their products/fragrance. But I warn you, this will make you incredibly hungry!!

Cotton Candy by Body Fantasies has an ok scent to it, but the spray does not last more then a couple minutes. You can find this at local drug stores for the price of $6.29, however if your looking for a perfume that will last, this sadly won't do the job.

The WORST: Demeter's Cotton Candy Fragrance. This smells nothing like Cotton Candy. It smells like strawberry, but the smell of alcohol overwhelms any type of fragrance. Can't believe I bought this. I will probably toss it.


  1. Cotton Candy is one of my favorite scents as well. I love the one by Juice Bar.

  2. Have you tried Aquolina's Pink Sugar EDT?


  4. https://www.jewelryincandles.com/store/coles/c/97/enticing-desserts/ the cotton candy candle is to die for


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