Friday, April 2, 2010

Body Deli Review

The Body Deli is the pioneer in fresh, raw, organic skin and body care. Their products are designed to rejuvenate and give your face and body the glow of healthy skin. The foundation of health starts at the cellular level. They believe that a healty lifestyle starts with a good diet full of enzymes, minerals, amino acids and raw superfoods. The Body Deli is food for your skin. Their ingredients include whole leaf barley grass juice, whole leaf wheat grass juice, flax, nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf juice, kale juice, parsley juice, green papaya, broccoli juice, avocodo, and all kinds of other delicious ingredients that are health and delicious for your skin. It really is a deli made especially for your face!

I was surprised and excited to see all their products come shipped in ice. This just proves how fresh their skin care line is. Some are made with yogurt, papaya puree and cucumber juice. I was instantly worried that the items would expire soon, however I saw that these yummy treats for your face actually last about 3-6 months, which gives me plenty of time to use it all up.

My favorite product was the Cucumber Gelee (pictured above) I can't even explain how delicious and healthy this smells and looks. Not only does it come in a beautiful jar, but its a bright healthy green color, and when you put it on, it's kind of shocking because it's so cold, but it moisturized my face in a way that nothing else really ever has. Combined with aloe vera and Algae, this is a highly effective moisturizer, meant to cool, soothe and hydrate your skin.

The Fruit Smoothie Masque is another product I received, packed in ice. Here are the fabulous ingredients included:

Organic Soy Amino Acid Base, Orgainc Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Green Papaya Enzymes, Colloidal Silver, Allantoin, Squalane, Evening Primrose, Rose-Hips, Calendula, Carrot Seed, Chamomile, Japanese Honeysuckle, Rosemary Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Benzoin, Lecithin, Honey & Natural Fruit Extracts.

This is one of my favorite masques ever reviewed on this website. Many masques can irritate or redden your skin, this was almost like if you were to just apply fresh fruit on your face. This is mainly derived from Green Papayas. The Fruit Smoothie Masque delivers high concentrations of protelytic enzymes that digest proteins that link dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. You can use this masque up to twice a week for amazing results.

Here are some more Body Deli Items showcased on their site:

Creme de la Rose $75

BlueBerry Fusion Scrub $36

I was not paid in any way for this posting. I received product for the purpose of a review only. All opinions in the above review are my own.

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