Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hair Removal Products for Summer is an online site for almost everything beautiful. Folica carries brands such as Hot Tools, Keratin, Redkin and Aveda. They also show reviews of each product, so you know what others think before you purchase a product. Folica has tons of hair removal products on their site, and who isn't in search for the perfect hair removal product? Especially for Summer, everyone wants perfectly tanned, hairless legs and bikini lines! (I know I do)! Here are a couple of the hair removal products Folica sells.

The Shobha Sugaring Kit ($30) offers a hassle-free home hair removal system using signature, 100% natural, professional-grade formula.

100% Natural (Sugar & Lemon Juice- naturally remove hair; Glycerin & Water- moisturize)
Free of parabens, dyes, fragrances, petrols, resins & waxes
Less painful than waxing, with minimal irritation
Professional-grade for ultimate effectiveness
Gentle enough for use on even the most sensitive areas
Detailed & easy to follow instruction booklet
Provides supplies for multiple treatments
Reusable, machine-washable, eco-friendly denim strips
Talc-free powder for safe and effective skin preparation
Re-usable spatulas for easy application
Simple cleanup- Just use warm water in the shower
Microwave friendly
Vegan friendly

Although the results were good, this product can get a little messy and is time consuming. So I suggest using this in the bathroom or somewhere where you can spill a little wax if you need to!

Derma Nude Advanced Hair Retardant Gel ($29.95) is a Natural, Pain-free, clinically Proven hair growth retardant system.
Derma Nude's unique European formula is made using a Bio-active Nutrient Extraction Process. An exclusive blend of organic plant extracts, along with advanced moisturizing agents, soothe your skin as the patented, active ingredients inhibit hair growth at the root - where it starts. It's the only way to have nude, smooth, silky skin.
All Derma Nude products are 100% natural, safe, effective, concentrated, hypoallergenic, and pharmaceutical grade product.
Derma Nude Advanced Hair Retardant Gel inhibitor is meant for eyebrows, upper lip, chin, scalp, neck, underarms, arms, bikini, feet and toes.

I really liked this product. My hair grows SO fast, especially in Summer, so this was perfect for my legs. Saves me time from shaving everyday!

Parissa Wax Strips Legs & Body 16 Strips ($11.99) is a mess-free, express hair removal that's ready to use. Zip away leg & body hair instantly. If your good at waxing, this is a good product for your legs and arms. I have a hard time with the pain, so it's not my favorite form of hair removal, but if you know what your doing the results are good. Takes a couple practice strips before I got it down perfectly.

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