Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Warning to my Readers.....

One of the many reasons I started this website, was to tell you all about upcoming new exciting makeup and beauty products. But another reason is to help you make smart decision in picking your products and of course all skin care tips. So of course I feel the need to tell you all about my horrible skin experience I have been going through this last year.

I know millions of people are using Botox, Juverderm and other products like this all the time, and like many others, I have been using these products by going to medical spas and other various places. I really never knew of the dangers of these products, and I never really researched them. My mistake. That is why I'm telling all of you out there what has happened to me, in hope that all my followers will take this advice.

So a year ago I went to a medical spa, ( we will not name them for now) and I decided I wanted my lips enhanced with Juverderm, and I also decided I would fill in the lines around my mouth. Let me just also say this is NOT a cheap procedure, for two syringes I paid $850.00. Anyways, I was very happy with the results, at first. Because i had purchased 2 viles of the Juverderm, there was some left over, and the doctor suggested we should put the rest under my eye to get rid of dark circles. After now researching the dangers of Juverderm I have learned this should NEVER be injected under the eye, the skin is too thin for such a product. Anyways, what occurred after that was a large black spot under my eye where of course too much Juverderm was injected. The doctor assured me this would fade in a couple of days.

Well my friends, it has been almost a year and a half, and I am sad to say the black eye has yet to fade. I have lived with this for over a year now, and I am more then upset at the results of my Juverderm. The doctor refuses to take my calls, and there is nothing to be done. After talking to several doctors I have found out Juverderm should never be injected under the eye, and it is actually very dangerous. I have also learned it will take up to 3 years to fade away.

I decided to tell all of you my story, in hopes that you will all research your doctors and plastic surgeons before having something injected or put into your body. I wish I would have had someone to tell me about these dangers so that I could have been smarter. I am still in search for the perfect cover up for this horrible blackness under my eye, and I have found a couple products that are helping! Thanks guys! Stay beautiful! ♥


  1. So sorry that happened to you :( What a scary experience. Hopefully it'll fade a lot sooner than 3 years & you can find a great cover-up! *Hugs*

  2. Talk to a lawyer get photos and file a malpractice suit. This doctor should have known better!

  3. Eeesh! Sorry to hear that happened to you. Sue his pants off!

  4. omg i feel so sad for u dear :(
    please take care & if i find any cover up for your eye will surely let you know.
    thank you for the heads up !!


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