Monday, July 19, 2010

Rephase bio Scrub

It’s the hard and fast rule of any beauty regimen that a clean face should be presented in front of the mirror before the application of make-up.

The question remains how to get this clean skin that will serve a woman throughout her life.For many, clean skin means removing surface bacteria with the hope of beautiful skin. But skin grows from the inside out and so the question remains: how to clean the skin at its deepest layer!REphase Bio-Scrub does just that

It contains Papain, a mild yet powerful enzyme that breaks down layers of dead skin, the main culprit behind clogged pores, breakouts and acne. Removing dead skin cells is a crucial step in the maintenance and creation of healthy skin throughout a woman’s life.REphase Bio-Scrub also uses “time release” technology or Microspheres that over time disperses Jojoba to hydrate and release nutrients that deeply soothe, renew, hydrate, and penetrate the skin more deeply and continuously.

Impurities are dissolved and newly hydrated cells leave skin looking youthful.REphase Bio-Scrub also contains South Sea’s Mother-of-Pearl crystals in different grain sizes to deeply clean the skin and promote cell turnover. This gentle exfoliate virtually lifts dead skin cells to reveal healthy, translucent skin. Even age spots begin to fade.REphase Bio-Scrub is part of the new 29-product anti-aging cosmeceuticals line that treats a woman’s skin progressively as she transitions from one “skin-phase” to another. Developed and manufactured in Italy, REphase Bio-Scrub is the ultimate exfoliate that should be used throughout a woman’s life. You can purchase the Bio-Scrub for $85 at

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