Saturday, July 10, 2010

Luminess Air Makeup Review

I have heard so much about airbrush makeup and I've always been a little sketchy to try it out. It always sounded hard, messy and expensive. As most of you know, I tried the Luminess Tan about a month ago, (click here to read the review) and I fell in love with the art of air brushing! No you don't have to be an expert, and although practice makes perfect, tanning and now makeup has never been easier or more flawless looking ! Now I know why celebs look so flawless on the cover of magazines at the grocery store. Finally, airbrushing can be done by regular people, like you and me!

When I first saw the Luminess Air Kit I was a little nervous. There are so many parts and different makeup bottles I felt very overwhelmed. But after watching the DVD, it was so easy and it was actually fun!

The Luminess Air Makeup System is not only foundation, but it is blush, eyeshadow, bronzer and even a sparkle! Your kit comes with the instructional DVD and a little booklet with simple easy steps on how to perfect the look you want with your airbrush kit.

- The Foundation is Oil-free, Mineral based, alcohol & preservative free. Makeup is long wearing and is designed for everyday use. When you find the correct color, the finished look is so natural and never caked on looking. I learned that by taking the airbrush and moving about 6 inches away from my face in circular motions, you don't ever look splotchy or oily.

- The Blush: I've never been a blush person, but I actually put this on UNDER my foundation to make the look more natural and glowing. I haven't stopped wearing blush since I started using my Luminess Air Brush System.

- The Eyeshadow is High performance, long lasting , shimmering and beautiful, you can pick from colors like Baby Eyes, Beach, Camelot and more. Won't rub off or fade throughout the day.

- My favorite part of the set was the Silver Metallic Spray. It's a metallic body spray used for a striking glamorized silver tone. Spray on the face for highlights or lightly on the body for a stunning sleek effect. Gives your face a little bit of sparkle, and I loved it for around my eyes, to make me look more awake and fresh. Also comes in gold and copper.

So after learning more about the Luminess Makeup Kit, I was so excited to see how easy the process really is. My color matched up perfectly with my skin, and the foundation lasted all day! My look was so natural. I had a nice soft healthy glow. Me and my sister were both excited to apply the Luminess Air. My skin is usually pale, dull and dry. After using the Luminess Air, my skin looked healthy, glowing, even and most important, natural!

My sister, who has oily, and acne prone skin also tried Luminess. Although she wouldn't let me take a "before" pic, her acne cannot be seen in this pic. The Luminess Air covered everything.

So check me out without ANY Makeup, I have dark circles, sun spots and freckles. I know scary right? If you look at the side view, my dark circles are easily seen.

AFTER! Please note, I have ONLY added the luminess makeup foundation, bronzer, blush and shimmer. Other then that I have mascara and eyeliner. The face is only Luminess.

I love the bronzer and shimmer look around my eyes. My skin looks covered, no foundation lines and my dark circles are gone. You can purchase Luminess Makeup on their website.


  1. I bought Luminess Air myself also, and was a little intimidated after getting it. I quickly got over it once I read through the instructions and watched the DVD a little.
    If I can I know anyone else can.

  2. Airbrush makeup is one of the best made for makeup evolution! this is like an answered prayer to beauty and cosmetic fanatics like me.

    luminess air reviews

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