Friday, August 20, 2010

Anastasia Beverly Hills Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes (Retail value $171) is sold exclusively at at Sephora, and is now on sale for 75$ By popular demand, Anastasia has updated her kit to include products that enhance not only the brows, but the eyes and skin. The Kit now features Cooling Eye Brightener, a delicate cream-serum hybrid that helps to cool, tone, soften, and de-puff around the eye area, especially after tweezing. It also features the Mini Lash Lifting Mascara along with the original brow items, Brow Powder Duo, Stencils, Precision Tweezers, Clear Brow Gel, Matte Camille Highlighter, and a DVD and Instruction Guide. Use these professional tools to shape a pair of gorgeous arches that highlight your face beautifully, or to maintain your salon brow at home.

This set contains:
- Cooling Eye Brightener
- Mini Lash Lifting Mascara
- DVD and Instruction Guide
- Stencils
- Brow Powder Duo
- Precision Tweezers
- Clear Brow Gel
- Matte Camille Highlighter
- Mini Duo Brush

The Anastasia Classic Stencils, are a unique part of the Brow Kit. The stencils actually help you make the perfect shape for your eyebrows. Depending on the arch you want, you can choose from a full arch, high, medium and others! I'm surprised no one came up with this before! Love the idea!

The Cooling Eye Brightner is my favorite part of this collection. A delicate cream serum hybrid that helps cool, tone, soften and depuff around your eye. It's meant for after tweezing, or maybe a long night of partying! It makes your eyes feel fresh, minty and fabulous! It actually has caffeine and White Tea! The perfect combo for a fresh perky eye.

The Anastasia Tweezers may look like your average tweezers but trust me they aren't. Not only are these tweezers super cute they are crafted from the highest quality steel with custom-slanted top and calibrated tension, this professional must-have tool handles even the finest hairs with ease. They get every little hair possible, these are the best tweezers I have found so far in my journey for the perfect eyebrows!! ♥

The Anastisia Beverly Hills Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes really does give you the perfect eye. Did I mention the case is adorable! ? Check out this item, sold exclusively at Sephora, right now!! You will be very happy with the results of your new, perfect eyebrows.

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