Sunday, August 1, 2010

Audrina Loves Dermalogica

I'm not the only one loving Dermalogica these days, Audrina from the Hills is loving them too!!

"I have been getting a lot of emails from you guys asking me what my skin routine is. Well here it goes ~ I'm going to reveal my secrets!! hahaI have used Dermalogica since I was 11 years old every morning and every night. My Aunt Connie got me started and addicted to it, and to this day I still use the same regimen.First I use the Dermalogica face cleanser, then the toner, and then Active Moist the moisturizer!Sometimes I change what I use in the winter, and every few months I will admit I'll use Philosphy face cleanser to switch it up a bit. As for my body, I loofah with Bath and Body Works body wash and then moisturize every morning and night with St. Ives Silk Body Lotion or La Mer body lotion. " - Audrina

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  1. I LOVE dermalogica too! I have become a total addict and have a haul of stuff that I use... Dermal Clay cleanser, Daily Microfoliant, Clearing skin wash, Multivitamin Thermafoliant (my fave right now!), active moist, hydrating booster...the expensive and extensive list goes on - but all worth it since my skin has gone from grim to glowing since starting to use it! As its pretty expensive, I don't ever buy from salons and I get my stuff from a great website called Jersey Beauty - They are always doing great offers and stuff like that - saves me masses on salon prices so I am a happy bunny!


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