Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bacne! Facts vs Fiction


Annet King of The International Dermal Institute Provides the Do’s and Don’ts to

Treat and Prevent Back Acne

Let's face it, Back Acne is yucky! Thanks to Dermalogica, here are a couple fun facts, and tips !

Back acne, also known as “Bacne,” is a very common skin condition among teens and young adults. It is important to take care of the skin on your back as you would your face. However as the clothes we wear trap sweat and dead skin cells, causing this area (which is hard to reach!) to breakout – what to do? Here Annet King, Director of Global Education of The International Dermal Institute, provides a few fail-proof DIY tips and tricks to combat back acne.

Cleansing: Be sure to use a soap and fragrance-free anti-bacterial cleansing wash. Many people over-cleanse the skin with harsh soaps and use vigorous scrubbing tools and products. The use of Alkaline-based surfactants or soaps not only rob skin of moisture, but also provide a bacteria-loving environment. This can also exacerbate the breakouts and slow down the healing process.

Toning: Spritz with an oil and bacteria controlling toner. Many bacne sufferers will try mentholated and alcohol astringents which provide a cooling sensation on their skin, however in most cases these are S.D.-Alcohol based, which strips the skin of lipids, causing the skin to over-produce oil. Look for alcohol-free toners in “smart trigger” packaging that allow for easy spritzing over your back. Before heading out to the gym, pack anti-bacterial wipes to use after you workout.

Exfoliate gently: Many people use Loofahs and brushes to try and rid the skin of back acne, which only worsens the condition. The use of such tools causes micro-lacerations in the skin, making it once again a hospitable environment for bacteria to breed and grow. A gentle fragrance-free scrub should be lightly massaged over the area and washed off.

Don’t squeeze and pick: Seek out the help of a professional skin therapist to give you a back treatment to clear impactions, exfoliate gently and dry up the lesions with high frequency, a machine that omits an ozone gas that kills bacteria and heals pimples. Use a topical spot reducer instead and apply a clay masque twice a week for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Tips & Tricks:

Ø Treat the affected area overnight with a Salicylic Acid-based gel as well as during the day.

Ø Avoid waxy hair product that may come in contact with the skin on the back.

Ø Wear cotton clothing versus synthetic fibers which can trap oil and dead cells.

Ø Pillow and sheet hygiene is a must! Pillowcases should be changed at least every other day and sheets twice a week. Avoid using fabric conditioners on bed linens as they can cause a breakout.

Ø Avoid tanning beds! Many believe that this will speed up the breakouts however the effects are only temporary. UV exposure increases cell production, causing more breakouts.

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