Thursday, August 26, 2010

Buxom Chronicles: Four of a Kind

Check out Buxom's new lip gloss set, the Buxom Chronicles: Four of a Kind ($28)

The set features Katie, Trixie, Dolly & Violetta four sexy dynamos who will plump, tint, and drizzle your lips to pout perfection. Each shimmering shade leaves your kisser curvaceous, voluptuous, and drenched in fabulous color, while a tingling sensation reminds you that your lips are looking fuller by the minute. A deep infusion of antioxidant vitamins E and A will keep them soft, smooth, and protected.

I love this set. Trixie is my favorite color, a light pink with a lot of bling. The set itself is a great price. These glosses go for $18 each for a full size. After I bought this set, the next day I went back to buy the full sized Trixie Gloss. Buxom is by far the best lip gloss at sephora. And trust me I've tried them all! If you haven't tried this gloss, I suggest buying a gift set like this, so you can find your favorite shade ♥ Buy it here on

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