Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Coach Poppy Project

Hmm... are you wondering what that strange thing growing off the left side of my blog is? It's the last promotion from Coach, the Coach Poppy Project Coach is giving away lots of prizes and shopping sprees in their latest idea....

Here's how it works.....

•Tweet about the poppies to make the pattern grow. The more you tweet and interact, and the bigger the pattern, the more chances for YOU to win Coach prizes. Tweet using the hashtags #CoachPoppy and #bellasbeautyspot (Click on the black poppies to connect directly to your Twitter account.)

•Here's a sample tweet: "Spread #CoachPoppy love around the web and win prizes with #bellasbeautyspot !"

•You can even use extra hashtags like #pink, #star, or #heart to add different elements to the pattern.

•Like the Poppy Project on Facebook (link at the top of the poppy pattern), and use the poppies to navigate to other sites in the project.

•If you spot a Coach Poppy bag in the pattern, click it! That's a prize, lovelies. I hear they're $100 Coach gift cards.
That's it! And no I wasn't paid for this post, just wanted to be part of the fun ♥

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