Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Think You're Wonderful!!

I'm always in search of the perfect gift for that special friend or significant other.. let's face it. Nothing says "I love you" like beauty products! ♥ So i thought I would put together a little post with a couple of affordable gift ideas for all you beauties.....

I Think You're Wonderful Gift Set ($24) Sold at Ulta, and other retailers, this would make a great gift for anyone. includes a delicious duo of Mandarin Orange and Cherry scented 3-In-1 Shampoo, Shower gel and bubble yummy!

Happy Bathday!! (Get it?) ($39.95) from Lush! This homage to the ritual of bathing celebrations suits most any occasion -- be it official or fictional. Bubble bar slices, bath bombs and handmade soaps .. who wouldn't love this?

The adorable Fizzy Baker Birthday Cupcake ($7.50) delivers a fizzing fun birthday wish complete with a real candle. Presented in a Happy Birthday gift box, it looks just like a real cupcake with frosting and jelly bean decorations made of soap!In the tub, it softens and scents the water while the soap frosting top floats free to use for a good scrub in the tub. With a light sweet scent of a fresh-baked cupcake, the 4.75 oz. bath fizzy is the same size as a regular cupcake. This item truly is a unique little gift or party favor. Made in the USA.

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