Monday, August 2, 2010

In My Purse....

You can tell a lot about a person by what they contain in their handbag. So I thought I'd share the valuable contents of my Prada. These are the necessities in my life, when I go out on my daily outings, & I've excluded the gum wrappers and receipts for picture purposes ♥

- Redkin Hair Spray: Perfect for fitting in your handbag, this is mandatory. Plus it has the lock switch, so you will never leak sticky hair spray in your purse.

-Stila Compact- Stila has amazing foundation, and every girl needs a compact in their handbag, it is a must!

- Tide Stain Remover- Let's face it, we all spill and get stains on our tops when we are out! I love the Tide Stain Remover, it gets rid of stains fast and quick!

- My Ipod- Need I say more? A girl needs her music!

-Tarte Lip Stain, NYX lip gloss, and Bloom Cosmopolitan Lip Color- I love my pinks- and every girl should have at least 2 to 3 lip colors or glosses in their bag. Sometimes I even carry 5 or 6! you never know what mood you'll be in!

Mellow Lotion- always carry lotion, it's crucial! Plus your friends will always ask you to borrow. Make sure it's got a good lid! If I had a penny for everytime i reached into my purse, only to my horror feel something wet! Leakage is not ok and causes a mess!

My hairbrush is a must also. But that's a given... but I can't believe i left out my perfume or body spray! Those can go either day, because they spill!! Perfume samples are good to carry in your purse, they have a great top ♥

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