Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sula Perfume

I'm a perfume fanatic. I mean, I Live for it! I can spend hours walking up and down the aisles of Sephora or Ulta just sniffing and spraying all different types of fragrances.

I've noticed lately when I buy large perfume bottles, they spill or leak in my handbag, OR i lose the top. So I've been on the prowl for a perfume that will fit nicely in my Prada.

The Solution? Rollerball perfume! Yep, it's the newest craze. So while searching for the perfect rollerball perfume I came across the Sula Discovery Set. ($36) I have to admit, the packaging was so adorable, it lured me in!

So for $36 bucks you get six scents.. not bad right? The chick in the checkout next to me said she wasn't too fond of the scents, but I really like them. Butterfly Kiss, Stiletto Musk, Vanilla Blossom , Blackberry Blush, Sun Kissed Citrus and Champagne Sugar.

Of course my faves were Champagne Sugar and Blackberry, because I love fruity and sugary scents. The others are just "Ok"but they will do the job, if i need some perfume while i'm out!

So in conclusion, I put one scent in each one of my six handbags, perfect!! The ending? They are a LITTLE too small for me. I've actually lose 2 already in the black hole that is the bottom of my purse... ♥

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