Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Body Bakery

I'm always looking for new sugary candy scents to wear. Believe it or not they are hard to find, I really don't see many companies that cater to people like me who love cotton candy, ice cream and cake scents. I've been looking at the Body Bakery for a while now contemplating what I would purchase, and I finally made the leap. The thing that really caught my eye, was that you can choose any of their flavors, made to order in hand sanitizer. I'm a HUGE hand sanitizer freak! Sad to sad, not many companies offer yummy flavors in sanitizer, and the Bath and Body Works Halloween scents have sadly sold out. This was my perfect chance to get some delicious hand wash that I could bring anywhere with me, and have nice super clean hands.

With tons of flavors to choose from, I was at a loss. Some of their scents range from Cotton Candy, Sugar Cookies, Butter Pound Cake, Brownie Delight, Cake Mix Batter and Banana Creme Pie. That's just to name a few. Getting hungry yet? I chose the Lemon Pound Cake. This sanitizer goes for $6 but it's a nice sized bottle. So did I like it? Well when you first put it on your hands, you first get a harsh alcohol smell, but if you wait a couple seconds, the scent of lemon cake hits you, and makes you VERY hungry. It really does smell like lemon pound cake, and it does the job for hand cleaning.

Of course I couldn't NOT get a perfume too. However I did make the mistake of being cheap and buying a sweet roll, (rollerball perfume) instead of the oil. Of course I got Cotton Candy, favorite scent of all time! I love rollerballs because it's easier to travel with, however the scent, although delicious, goes away rather quickly. I was a bit discouraged. I like scents that stay with you, at least for a hour or two, and this one just doesn't do the job. I do think if I would have stayed with the oil fragrance, I would have had a better experience. The sweet roll sells for $8, the oil for $20.

Overall, the fragrance list is what I love the most. I probably will purchase more hand sanitizer because they are so hard to find, and I think next time I will try an oil perfume, and hope that the scent lasts a bit longer. The Body Bakery also sells hair spritz, bath products and deodorant.

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