Thursday, September 9, 2010

Caudalie Review

I'm sure you've all heard about Caudalie. I know I've seen it at stores like Sephora, and always been interested in the brand. I've heard fabulous things about them, but never got around to trying it. The Caudalie Labs draw on years of research conducted by the Bordeaux University of Pharmacy focusing on the benefits of polyphenols. Their ingredients contain Grape Seed Polyphenols and exceptional anti oxidants which fight against free radicals which cause 80% of skin care aging. These radicals are created by things like smoking, pollution, light and tanning.

Caudalie helps you search for your specific needs by first deciding what your skin type is. Some of their lines are Anti Aging, Energizing, Vinosource Regimen for Dry Skin, Vinosource Regimen for Oily Skin, for Skin Lacking Vitality, Radiance and Dark Spot, or Suncare. So my decision was the Regimen for Radiance/Anti Dark Spot.

I've always loved Skin Care that makes your skin look healthier and more radiant, so I knew this would be perfect.

The Caudalie VinoPerfect Day Cream SPF 15 ($68) absorbs rapidly and helps to visibly improve the appearance of dark spots and enhance the brightness of your complexion. Protected from the sun and environment and moisturized* all day long, your skin is luminous and your complexion is radiant. Leaves no white residue.Discovered in grapevine stalks, the 500 ppm titration of pure Viniferine was stabilized and patented by Caudalie in collaboration with the University of Pharmacy. This exclusive ingredient has exceptional radiance, complexion enhancing and anti-oxidant* actions. It's a little thick but it does the job. It moisturizes and softens your face for the rest of the day. I usually have dry skin around my nose and jaw, so that's where I focused on. This is ideal for all skin types.

The VinoPerfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum ($79) is a satiny serum is a remarkable formula for smoother, brighter-looking skin. Vinoperfect boosts the complexion's radiance and appearance. Your skin is moisturized* and luminous. Your complexion looks even and beautifully radiant. This is meant for people that would like to enchance the tone and radiance of your skin. This was my favorite part of the package. I love serums and this one is no exception. I really believe this is the part of the process that really helps your complexion look bright and beautiful. And for a limited time when you purchase the serum you will get a free night and day cream! (See above) Although the price may seem steep, it is well worth it, and this serum should last you quite a long time!

The Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream ($35) is a rich scrub that eliminates impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil while stimulating cellular renewal. Your complexion's radiance is gently restored and your skin is soft and clean. You should only use this once to twice a week for exfoliation. Contains grape-seed oiljojoba microbeadshoneyplant celluloseliquorice, essential oils of sweet lime and sandal woodextracts of coriander, limette, lemon, guaiac wood, sweet orange, vetiver, sandal wood and lavandin this is full of natural healthy ingredients and is great for normal to dry skin. I really enjoyed this product right before I spray tan to get rid of all dead skin.

The Caudalie Gentle Cleanser ($26) is a must have for everyone! This is a velvety cleanser that leaves your skin clean and soft. And of course it protects you from harmful free radicals. And you know what else is great? You can use it on your eyes too. It's that gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. This is one of my favorite cleansers of all time. The bottle is huge and will last you a long long time. The smell is fresh and clean and not overpowering. I give this cleanser an A + and it has made my top 3 cleansers of all time!

Right now Caudalie has tons of free offers on their site, you get free samples with every order, and free shipping for orders over $50 dollars. You can find Caudalie on Facebook and Twitter. You can buy their products online, or at

I received product for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received for this posting.

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