Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Congrats Relastin - Award Winning Eye Cream

Relastin Eye Silk wins Allure magazine’s “Best Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream” award for the fourth year in a row!

Relastin Eye Silk has received Allure magazine’s Best of Beauty Editors’ Choice award for the “Best Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream” for the fourth year in a row, Revance Therapeutics Inc. announced today.

The beauty industry has been buzzing about elastin since the launch of Relastin’s functional elastin-boosting products in 2007. “While other new products on

the market are starting to recognize the role of elastin in maintaining youthful-looking skin, Relastin Eye Silk’s unmatched formula is an established favorite, recognized by Allure every year since its introduction. There is no other elastin-boosting technology that has the clinically proven results of the Zinc Firming Complex™ featured in Relastin’s line,” said Dan Browne, President and Chief Executive Officer of Revance Therapeutics. “We are so honored to receive the Allure Best of Beauty award for the fourth year in a row.”
Clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of Relastin’s patent-pending Zinc Firming Complex to help increase functional elastin in the skin. Studies show
a visible decrease in fine lines, coarse wrinkles, undereye laxity, puffiness and dark circles after four weeks of Eye Silk application.

It is not only the top choice among top beauty editors, but also with dermatologists and consumers seeking a simple, yet effective skincare regimen and more youthful looking skin. “My patients come in looking for a significant decrease in their undereye wrinkles. So far, Relastin Eye Silk is one of the only products I've seen that improves skin elasticity in this area. Lines are visibly smoother and skin effectively maintains its elasticity over time, making this product a great adjunct to cosmetic procedures,” said renowned dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu.

Eye Silk and the entire Relastin product line is available at http://www.relastin.com/ exclusive online retailers and select dermatologist offices and spas nationwide.

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