Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bath and Body Works Holiday 2010 Hand Sanitize Pics + Review

The other day I traveled to Bath and Body Works hoping that the Holiday 2010 Hand Sanitizer Holiday Collection wouldn't be gone. But wow they were packed full of them! I smelled each one carefully so I could report back to all of you on my findings!

The Cupcake scents were my favorite. Lemon, Strawberry and Red Velvet (which I would usually turn my nose up at) were all delicious smelling. I love that Bath and Body Works incorporated glitter in this season's sanitizers. The Vanilla Bean Noel and Peppermint were also high on my list.

This year they also brought out the HandiBac anti bacterial Hand lotion, which is the hand sanitizer + the lotion combined! Had to haul these! Plus 2 for 5 bucks, I couldn't say no.
I'm loving the glitter in the cupcake collection. If you're not a glitter fan, I suggest you stick to the original sanitizers. If you have been paying close attention, you will notice there are no reindeer Christmas hand washes in my haul. That's because the smell stunk! Ugh! The chocolate mint was horrible, and I steered clear of all Christmas scents.

As my final thought, I will simply say, the Cupcake scents are the best, and also the prettiest. The others are blah blah. Of course Peppermint and Vanilla Bean are always holiday favorites amongst Bath and Body Works lovers, but the new reindeer scents will not be missed.

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