Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ole Henriksen Truth to Go Wipes

The Ole Henriksen Truth to Go Wipes ($15) not only fit right in your cosmetic case, or handbag, but they work great! Not only do they get all that extra makeup off that your regular cleaner won't remove, they are anti-aging, so they are working with your skin to keep you looking fresh and young.

The packaging is similiar to baby wipes. With a little flip top, these are great for when you're going on vacation or taking a trip. I've been using them night and day, and I've noticed a change in my skin.

Vitamin C and micro algae help to brighten, firm, and smooth the texture of skin. With the truth collection's signature citrus vanilla scent, each cloth is a refreshing pick me up. The scent, to me is more of a orange creamsicle scent. Reminds me of ice cream! The only down side to these wipes is the price. $15 is not that much, but If you use these wipes night and day it will probably last you a little less then a month.
I will continue to use and buy these. They work great when you first take off your makeup, wash with your regular cleanser THEN finish it off with the Truth Wipes. You will notice how great they work, because you will still see all the dirt and makeup still left over on your face.

Who will like these?

  • Anyone who likes citrus smells
  • People who want a good clean face with no makeup left over from the night before
  • People who go to the gym who like to wash their face right after a good workout!

I'm giving the Truth to Go Wipes an A +. You can purchase them online at or Sephora.

I received a sample from a PR person working for Ole Henriksen. All opinions are my own.


  1. ooo shmancy wipes! but do they stay sealed up and moist? my problem with wipes is the lip always pops open and they dry out :(

  2. these stay very moist! trust me, they are good stuff.:)


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