Sunday, October 17, 2010

Relastin "Who Made you Laugh" Contest

"They say laughter is the best medicine and the folks at Relastin have to agree. Nothing can lift your spirits like a good laugh session with a friend. And for those worried about wrinkles, the elastin-boosting technology in Relastin can help your skin bounce back so you can laugh till your belly hurts and smile all you want without concern. "

Relastin is announcing a new Facebook poll and contest on the Relastin Fan Page asking users to share “Who made you laugh last?” The new Facebook poll will be posted on October 11th and participants are encouraged to visit Relastin’s Facebook page ( and share their answers. Then, suggest Relastin’s fan page to that friend or loved one who made you laugh and if they join the Relastin fan page, both Facebook users will be eligible to win a Relastin Ultra Emollient. On November 15th, a pair of friends will be selected at random.

Good luck beauties! ♥

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