Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation

Stila remains my favorite beauty brand to date. So when I ran out of foundation the other day, I figured I would give the illuminating liquid foundation 40 watts a go. Now this is $38 which is a little high for foundation, but the bottle was too pretty to pass up. I know, I'm a sucker for good packaging.

This silky, lightweight formula glides on effortlessly for sheer to medium coverage that hides flaws and imperfections so your left with a luminous, air brushed look. A silky, semi-matte finish evens out natural skin tone to uncover your true beauty.

Infused with Mica, tiny crystals found in nature, this skin illuminator reflects light, leaving you radiant and glowing. Perfect for sensitive or dry skin.

Now unlike other foundations, Stila Foundation goes by watts instead of Light, Medium, Dark, etc. I thought 40 watts would be good, after applying a bit on my arm.

Yes I know I already messed up the bottle, but I love the applicator. Just a little press and only a tad bit of foundation comes out. A little goes a long way with this one, so the applicator is perfect.

When first applied, it looks a little thick and a little too dark, but no worries! Once rubbed in, it starts to blend much better.

This is after a few swipes of my foundation brush, you can see the color starting to blend...

Once lightly brushed all the way through, you can see the beautiful color. It's hard to see the sparkle that comes along with this foundation by the below picture, but it comes out very pretty on the face.

What I like about this foundation is how light it is. It will never look heavy or caked on. It creates a natural look, and when bronzer or blush is applied over the foundation, you get a beautiful natural colored look,with a hint of sparkle.

The illuminating liquid foundation 40 watts
is well worth the purchase of 38 bucks if you ask me. I will continue to use it, and I love it just like every other Stila product out there.

Disclosure: I purchased the above product for review.

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