Friday, November 19, 2010

Dr Macrene 37 Extreme Actives Cream Review

Introducing the One Step Skin Solution, 37 Extreme Actives by Dr Macrene. What is it? It's a highly advanced cream technology which allows the greatest number and variety of proven anti-age ingredients to be suspended, active and stable in a single cream. You know all those steps you take right now to clean your face at night? Well this is just like that, but better, all in one!

Dr Macrene has over 20 years experience in scientific research and dermatology. Since becoming Double Board-Certified in Dermatology in both the United States and Europe, Dr. Alexiades has been in demand due to her consistent scientific research in skincare: working as a consultant to L’OrĂ©al Paris for three years with whom she developed an acne skincare line, conducting clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies and laser device companies, as well as independent research on lasers.

The 37 Extreme Actives Cream comes in a "Lotus Box", cute cardboard box, and once opened looks like your normal skin care cream. The part that surprised me, is the little pearl spatula that comes along side of cream. Packed inside a little velvet case, this makes the kit extra fancy!

In order to use the cream as directed, you take the spatula and dab some of the anti aging lotion on your face, and then rub it in throughout. The first thing I noticed was there isn't much of a scent, (which is good of course) the only slight smell is similar to the bubbles you used to blow out of the wand when you were a kid. Silly right? Anyways, once applied on your skin, I noticed a tightening , firming feeling. I could actually feel this cream working around my fine lines, mostly around my eye area.

The 37 Actives Solution is amazing in so many ways. The price may set you back a bit at $295, but no longer do you need a serum, a daytime moisturizer, a nighttime moisturizer and an eye cream; all these are combined into one product which cleverly combines all the ingredients one needs for the various categories of anti-aging. So when you look at it like that, the price isn't that steep. If you are looking for a magic cream that will erase fine lines without surgery, I highly recommend this product.

You can purchase 37 Extreme Actives and read more about Dr Macrene at

I received product for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own.

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