Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FYF Cosmetics

I was recently sent some products from FYF Cosmetics. Lip glosses and lipsticks. My favorite ♥

The Mint Glow Lip Gloss reminds of me of a mint tea I used to drink in the morning to wake me up. It's pretty clear, so no need to show a swatch, but the best part about this gloss is the taste. If you like minty tastes on your lips, this is the gloss you want. It's also very hydrating and not sticky. I can't stand sticky glosses! It goes on smooth and it's very shiny.

The FYF Couture Pout in Princess is formulated with vitamins A, D and E and the color is a bright pink with tons of shimmer and color. It also has a plumping effect, to make your lips look full. There is also tons of shimmer. I have nothing bad to say about this gloss, it's the perfect color for me. The taste is something similiar to vanilla. You wouldn't think such a pretty gloss would have such a great taste too, but it does!

Next up, we have the FYF Couture Pout Lip Sticks in colors "Michelle" and "Natalie" The colors are quite similar as you can tell from my pics. The "Natalie" couture pout, (Shown below) is a little more neutral then the other colors. It has a brownish hue to it. I like the fact that it's also moisturizing so no lip gloss is needed.

(Side by Side swatches- Michelle, Natalie)

So next up is the Michelle FYF Couture Pout Lipstick. It's a little on the pinker side, so of course I like this one much better. Like the "Natalie", this is a moisturizing intense lip gloss with some shine included.

(Full swatches of the Natalie Lipstick, Michelle Lipstick, Mint Lip Glow and Couture Pout Princess)

Overall my favorite product was the Michelle Moisturizing Lipstick, but the others work quite well too. The best part of all the sticks and glosses is their intense amount of moisture, the bad part might be the similiar colors. FYF Cosmetics sells many other colors however, and other makeup products and skincare at Flawless You

I received product for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own.

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