Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MAC Cool Thrillseekers Pigment Glitter Set Review, Swatches & Pics

I love MAC Pigment sets this year. It's the only time that MAC really brings out the actual sets at a great price. Usually these pigments, full sized cost $20 each, so if you're new to MAC, or to pigments, you're best bet is buying the set, which will only set you back $32. I recently received the Thrillseekers Pigment Collection in "Cool" which is part of Chapter 2 A Tartan Tale Holiday 2010. It comes in a cute tin, perfect for gift giving.

The sizes are slightly smaller then the full sized that sells year round, but if you have owned MAC pigments before, you'll know these will last you quite a long time. The "Cool" set is the one that caught my eye because of the variety of colors. Plus it was the only one that carried the pink, brown and silver color.

The Set includes:
•Reflects Pearl Glitter (silver glitter with pink sparkle)
•Silver Fog (shimmer gray pigment)
•Cheers my Dear! (pale violet almost pink pigment)
•Softwash Grey (light purplish gray blush pigment)
•Mauvement (taupe shimmer)

The only pigment in this set i'm not fond of is the reflects pearl. It's basically just a glitter with not much of a color to it. It also doesn't stay on your skin quite as well as the others. My favorite would be the pink, "Cheers my dear" because of it's baby pink color, and not as much glitter as the others. I'm actually thinking about purchasing the other pigment sets because these sell at such a fantastic price, and you can only get this for a limited time.

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