Thursday, November 18, 2010

MAC "Pervette" Lip Glaze Review, Swatches, Pics

My last trip to the MAC counter, I figured I would grab a new lipstick, so I thought I would try "Pervette" which looked like a pretty color... I liked the sheer violet color and I thought it would be good in my collection...

Anyways, I'm not loving it. The color is a little too dry, and a little too sparkly for my taste, (I know, can you believe I'm saying that) This is my least favorite color out of the MAC Lipsticks, no wonder I've never heard of it before! And here I thought I was discovering something fabulous... Oh well, not every lipstick shade can be a winner!

1 comment:

  1. Agree that Pervette can look dry/chalky on its own. However, I love, love, love it topped with Sugarrimmed dazzleglass. Just an idea, if you haven't thrown it out yet. LOL.


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