Monday, November 15, 2010

Smell Bent Holiday Collection

Christmas is here at Smell Bent! Their holiday collection has been released and I've smelled each one! Not only does their collection come with a cute little character on each bottle, the names are also adorable.

Dr Dreidel – Freshly carved hiba wood, spiced with angelica root and pimento leaf. Not a favorite of mine. A little woody.

Reindeer Games – French incense, bergamot, poplar bud and amber, with templin and douglas fir. The smell is a bit musky and flower like, a little too strong for me.

Sexy Turtleneck – Soft woods, musk, tonka, resins, butter extract and clean patchouli. I love the buttery smell. This one is a little softer then the Reindeer Games or Dr Dreidel. Totally wearing it right now!

Elf-Fulfilling Prophecy – A little velvet pocket full of cinnamon sugar cookies, naughty pipe tobacco and toy shop sawdust. My favorite out of the bunch. A sweet sugary scent with a hint of wood. Loving it!

The Bi-Polar Express – A blend of Roman, German and South African camomile with honeycomb, blue tansy and smooth mahogany

The Smell Bent Holiday 2010 limited edition fragrances are available in 8 ml Perfume Oil, 4 or 55 ml Eau de Toilette. They can be purchased at the Smell Bent website

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