Thursday, November 4, 2010

Whish Lavender Three Wishes Body Wash

Whish has came up with a new scent to add to their collection, just in time for the holidays. . They have created Lavender Three Wishes Body Wash, which is a powerful moisturizing alternative to the typical drying body washes on the market today. Whish has removed all of the typical drying and harmful ingredients found in most body washes such as sulphates. Three Wishes Body Wash is filled with deliciously organic and softening ingredients. My skin and scalp have been SO dry lately, probably because of the change of weather., and I need a cleanser that is going to help me out with the dryness and not add to the problem.

Three Whishes Body Wash

-Moisturizes with organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter, and organic aloe

-Lathers without the hash and drying ingredients (sodium lauryl sulfate) typically found in washes.

-Soothes with organic marigold and organic cucumber

It lathers great too, which is always a requirement in my shower. If you're not a lavender fan, this scent may not for you. This body wash has a strong lavender aroma, which will please anyone who adores that particular smell. You can also purchase the Lavender scent in a sugar scrub and body butter. But if you're a fan, Whish carries body wash in Pomegranate, Lemongrass and Almond.

You can purchase Whish's new Lavender Three Wishes Body Wash for $22 at One bottle should get you at least 6 weeks of great use! Whish is also available at Don't forget about their shaving creams and sugar scrubs. The Pomegranate Sugar Scrub is to die for!!

I received product for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own.

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