Saturday, December 4, 2010

SeneGence Lip Sense Review

The premier product of SeneGence®, LipSense® is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks, stains and colors. Your perfect pout is waterproof and will not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! Create your own recipe for beauty and customize your color palate by combining shades that are rich and solid, sheer and shimmery, vibrant, shiny or frosty.

So what is it?

LipSense ($22) is a long lasting color for your lips which stays on for up to 12 hours! It's smudge-proof, kiss-proof and water proof! It's a favorite to many celebs such as Christina Aguilera and Joy Behar.

The LipSense Color, Diamond Gloss and LipSense Oops! Remover make a great gift set for lipstick lovers everywhere. It comes in over 20 different shades, and this is not your typical lip color because of the length of time the color holds on your lips. First, you apply the color to clean, dry lips. Then in a sweeping motion, you apply very carefully in 3 layers. You let each layer dry for about 5 seconds before applying the next one. The application of the LipSense is very important because you don't want to mess up the look and have an ugly stain above your lip!

I chose the color, "Pink Champagne" which is a nice light pinkish matte lipstick. At first, I was caught off guard by the strong smell, however it gradually goes away after applying the color. The scent is similar to a flowery perfume, which is very unique to the LipSense. It goes on like a gloss, (with a gloss applicator) but looks and feels like a lipstick.

After your LipSense dries, it is a must to use the LipSense Diamond Gloss ($20) I have dry lips, so without the gloss I don't think I would have gotten the same results. The Diamond Gloss is packed with Shea Butter and comes in glossy, pearl or matte. I chose "Glossy". This gloss is perfect over any lipstick. It's perfect for those colors you have in your collection that aren't as moisturizing as others, and can leave your lips chalky and dry.

Here's my lips with the Pink Champagne LipSense, no gloss applied. I love the color, and what it promises is absolutely true. This lasted me about 10 hours, and that's including eating and drinking. The color will dry out though, so I recommend applying the gloss throughout the day to avoid dry chapped lips.

7 hours later.....
(nope I haven't reapplied)

Sorry for the blurry pic, but here I am at work, with gloss applied, 7 hours into the day, color still perfect!

The last part of the LipSense Trio is the LipSense Oops Remover ($10) This is what you use when you messed up on your first try at applying your LipSense color, OR when it's the end of the day and you want to remove your color. This is perfect when taking off your makeup and doing all your end of day chores like brushing your teeth. It smells great, reminds me a lot of toothpaste with a hint of mint. I'm unsure if you can use this with other lipsticks, but I don't see why not.

Final Thoughts: So who needs Lip Sense? If you're looking for long lasting lip color, this is the lipstick for you. It won't smudge, won't come off when you eat or drink and comes in tons of different colors! If you're more of a straight gloss girl, or you like to change your lip color throughout the day, then this might not be your cup of tea. I will be using this for long days when I can't get to the bathroom to put makeup on, or maybe when I'm outside maybe on a trip or by the pool. This is by far the longest lasting lip color I have reviewed or found EVER!

You can purchase LipSense along with other cosmetics and skincare at

Disclosure: I received product for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own. No monetary exchange occurred in while writing this review.


  1. I have been using Senegence LipSense All Day Lip Color for nearly 5 years now and would never use another product. LipSense is true to its claims and lasts between 4 to 18 hours, it is like no other lipstick on the market, it really works. My skin has never looked so good, the moisturising anti-ageing skin care is out of this world. SeneGence is a truly ethical company and has an excellent replacement or money back guarantee on all its products.

  2. Thats great! Will definitely try it :) - Confessions of a model

  3. LipSense is true to its claims and lasts between 4 to 18 hours, it is like no other lipstick on the market, it really works. My skin has never looked so good, the moisturising anti-ageing skin care is out of this world.


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