Saturday, January 8, 2011

MAC Stylishly Yours Cream Colour Base, Pics + Swatches

I hate being home sick, ugh. I always seem to get sick right around this time of year. Boo. Anyways I recently picked up the MAC Cream Colour Base from the Stylishly Yours Collection. Out of all the MAC collections coming out recently, this is the one I was drawn to the most. The colors are bright and fun, much different then Tartan Tale or Cham-pale. The two colors I was loving the most was Tickle Me Pink and Virgin Isle (See below) Pinks are my favorite for all parts of the face, and I couldn't help but be lured to the beautiful pinkish hue. Plus I've never dabbled in the MAC Cream base world, so I thought this was a good place to start.

What is it?

Cream colour bases are multi purpose cream based colors that can be used on certain parts of the face. For Tickle Me Pink and Virgin Isle, these can only be used on the lips and cheeks. MAC does not recommend using these on the eyes. Certain colors can be used different ways, so I suggest checking the reference paper that comes along in the box. These cream bases also come in colors Movie Star Red and Madly Magenta.

Tickle Me Pink is a neon pink with a bit of opaque. It's limited edition so if you plan on purchasing it, you should probably do it soon. It reminds me a bit of my favorite lipglass, lipstick, Viva Glam. Virgin Isle (on the right) is a reddish orange. It also has a bit of opaque to it. This is a permanent shade, so no rush on purchasing.

As you can see from the pics they are starting to sweat, so I recommend keeping these in a cool area. Don't leave them in the bathroom or anywhere too hot because they do have a tendency to melt. And that would be tragic!

(Tickle Me Pink, Virgin Isle)

I really like the texture, and they last all day long. If you look at the below swatch, this was 4 hours later after 3 quick washings. These last all day and are almost waterproof. Although I love the formula and the consistency, sadly these aren't the colors for my skin tone. I'm very light and I'm thinking maybe I just wore too much because it just didn't look quite right. If using on your lips, I suggest applying a gloss over the formula because it can be a bit drying. If you find the right color, these can be a fabulous addition to your makeup collection. As for me, I think I'll wait around for a more neutral color in the cream base.

(4 hours after first swatch)

These are available now at your local MAC counter and online.

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  1. super cute and I so what "tickle me pink"! Thanks for the swatches


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