Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is Mine!

Yes finally the Urban Decay Naked Palette is mine! Finally snagged it at Sephora, it's since been sold out again, but let me tell you guys, this palette is well worth the purchase! The colors are absolutely beautiful, and this is the best palette I've worked with EVER!

Kudos to Urban Decay for coming up with such workable colors in one velvet box. I almost want to buy a back up in case I lose mine, that's how much I heart it. I was going to do some swatches and a review, but I figured they are all over the internet by now so no need. You guys already know this is a must have. So now, from my own experience, I'm telling you guys you need this one. I think they might still be available at, or you can get on the waiting list at

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