Thursday, January 20, 2011

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

Womanity continues Thierry Mugler's tradition of creating fragrances a step ahead of their time. Noted for bringing together sweet and savory accords, the fragrance opens with energetic citrusy accords and dries down to a daring yet wearable cloud of complexity that smells of fruit, woods, granite, and salt.

Although elusive, the pairing of two unique scents served as the fragrance's inspiration: the sweet, milky scent of fig and the savory, salty notes of caviar—both derived through a high-tech molecular extraction process

A smell of fig and caviar. Interesting mix eh? I had high hopes for this one. The bottle is quite cute and I've read great reviews about Thierry Mugler's other perfumes.

So did I like it?

First of all, I love the bottle. The woman like statue protruding out of the side definitely sparked my interest. The chain link top is also quite different. I read the Sephora reviews on this perfume, ( I know, big no no for a beauty blogger) and I was excited to read such positive words.

So of course I had to try this for myself, and as soon as I took my first whiff, I was disappointed. I love fruity, sugary soft scents and this is the exact opposite. It's extremely musky and cologne aftershave smelling. One little spray on my wrist was too much for me to bear and I ended up washing it off. I won't go as far as saying I "hate" it. But it's not anything I would ever wear. I'm smelling a little bit of fig, and honestly I don't even know what caviar smells like. This is a dark, woody, strong smell that obviously some people appreciate, but sadly it's just not for me.

Wanna try it? You can purchase it at Sephora $28-$78. Oh well, we can't win them all! The bottle is still pretty, maybe I'll use it as a decoration.

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