Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bodyography Review + Swatches + Pics

Bodyography is a professional makeup company that I have never tried out before until now. But I'm more then pleased that I did. First of all I'd like to apologize because my professional camera didn't like these for some reason, I don't know why there's some sort of double of the actual wording on the products. Anyways, Bodyography started with 24 lipsticks and moved their way up to over 300 products in their catalog. And if I do say so myself, their lipsticks are their #1 must have.

So let's start with my new favorite thing, blush!

A powder brush, and a creme blush. Two beautiful pinks two different textures.

The powder blush in Afterglow ($17)is now my favorite blush and has actually passed my Benefit Bella ! It creates a beautiful glow that can be applied lightly to the cheekbones, ( I like to follow-up with a highlight such as Benefit High Beam or MAC Cream Colour in Pearl) It can also be applied a bit heavier for a more "done-up" look.

The Creme Blush in Dahlia goes on sheer or if you have a heavy hand can be built up to a gorgeous dramatic pink. It resembles my Tickle Me Pink from the Stylishly Yours MAC collection, which is a beautiful bright bubble gum, however it's a little too extreme for my light skin tone. When first swatched on my skin the neon color is a bit shocking, but when blended it can still create a beautiful blended color. And it does blend quite nicely.

(Dahlia, AfterGlow)

The Bodyology Translucent Powder ($28) will blot away shine quickly, and can also be used for setting makeup or in between touch-ups. It comes in a fairly large compact with a mirror, great for travel. But you have to be careful, because too much of this will leave you looking pale and ghostly! For me, the color is a bit TOO translucent and just looks a little too white. People with a light, fair or pale complexion would probably enjoy this a little more.

Now on to my favorites, the lipsticks! It's what Bodyology started off, and I consider it their signature product. They are long lasting, super pigmented and extremely hydrating. What stood out to me the most is the delicious taste and smell. These do not taste like your normal lipsticks, they taste exactly like a watermelon. It was a pleasant surprise!

Let's do Lunch ($16) (on the left) is a bit more nude with a hint of brownish hue. It's very matte but goes on smoothly, and I can't say it enough, these hydrate like no other.

Unrequited Love (right) is more my style, it's a gorgeous matte pink, but not the dramatic bubble gum pink, more of a coral color that will flatter all skin tones. Favorite item out of the haul!

(Let's Do Lunch, Unrequited Love)

Off to the gym, sorry for the horrible bed hair! I'm wearing Unrequited Love lipstick and the Powder Blush in Afterglow

Final Thought: Bodyography is one of those companies that doesn't get the recognition they deserve. This brand belongs in Sephora or department stores in my opinion. The quality is definatly up there with high end brands such as MAC and Chanel. The only thing I can say negative is their website is a bit hard to maneuver around. It was hard for me to find exactly what I was looking for. Other then that, they are something you need to check out, and if nothing else try a few of their lipsticks. You can purchase the above products and more at

Disclosure: The products in this review were sent to me from a PR rep working with Bodyology. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. Your are very pretty and I love the bright pink blushes!

  2. what is the shade of the lipstick on the right [ the one you have on]?
    absolutely beautiful ....


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