Friday, February 11, 2011

Chanel Rouge Cocoa Shine

CHANEL is coming out with a new lip collection, Rouge Coco Shine. It will debut in April. Starting Thursday, February 10th through 14th, you can preview this new CHANEL lip formula in Boy, a pretty sheer wash of natural rose.

Did you know that Boy is named after Arthur “Boy” Capel who was the love of Coco Chanel’s life?

It was his influence that encouraged her first venture into hat-making and it was her romance with Boy Capel that inspired her to draw a masculine energy into her constantly evolving wardrobe. She borrowed his pajamas, jackets and straw boaters, and made them her own. It’s an adorable love story, if I do say so myself.

CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine ($32 US) in Boy will be available exclusively online and at select CHANEL boutiques and counters from February 10 through 14, 2011 only. Don’t miss your chance, or you’ll have to wait until April 2011 to get your hands on this new lip collection.
I can't wait! Love the color!

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