Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dior Vernis Gris City Collection

Christian Dior Vernis Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer is known for being pure perfection when it comes to nail polish. The long-wearing formula glides over your nails smooth as butter, and lasts on your nails for over a week. The formula dries very quickly;upon swatching, these shades were almost completely dry before moving on to the next, which is a rarity. The application brush for each polish is short and thick, which makes applying this nail lacquer in three clean, easy swipes a pleasure

The Gris City Collection was inspired by fashion forward cities around the world...

NY 57th: A shimmery dark gray named after Dior’s New York boutique
Bond Street: A creamy deep bluish gray inspired by London’s famous fog
Gris Montiagne: A creamy dark gray named after the Paris address where the first Dior boutique opened back in 1946

Favorite color is the Gris Montiagne (Seen below) A beautiful gray that glides on beautifully.

(Gris Montiagne, Bond Street, NY 57th)

Which color do you love? The collection is available online at for $21 each. I personally love the set. I think it's a unique variety of similar colors, but the thin formula has a gorgeous consistency. The price is a little steep, but hey it's still a good product.

Disclosure: Product was sent to me for consideration from PR working with Dior. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received for this post.

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