Thursday, February 3, 2011

More About the Naked Palette

Are we sick of talking about the Urban Decay Naked Palette yet? They are back in stock at Urban Decay for only people that signed up on the waiting list. Because I already purchased mine, I have a free link that if anyone wants I well send over and you will be able to purchase one from the Urban Decay site. It's only a 48 hour offer, so if you're interested just leave your email addy in the comments and I'll send it over to the first person that's interested!


  1. Is it just because it is a limited edition, or it really has something soooo special in it? I really can't understand the rave about it...

  2. I have it and I think it's amazing! It's totally not overrated, it's worth every hype and every penny!
    But anyways, I reccomend it to everyone, it's perfect for daytime looks, night time, whatever!
    <3 IT!!!

  3. Eli, that's what I thought till I actually bought it, it's the best palette I own. All the colors are fabulous!


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