Monday, February 28, 2011

The Perfect Smoky Eye

The Perfect Smokey Eye

One of the most often asked questions about applying make-up I receive is how to create that Smokey Eye?

While there is abasic and standard way, even this look changes with the times. For the current version of a smokey eye, skip the shiny silver and black shadows and try a muted mauve and a carbon (a gray matte black) shade…both available in the top row of the our new Luxe Shadows Luxe III collection!

The key is to start with a great liner–good thing we have those too–and work on your blending! Here is a simple way to achieve this look for all those great fall and winter nights out, plus all those holiday parties coming up soon.

Begin by using Skinn’s Insta-Fill for Eyes. The eye shadow base helps to hide uneven skin tones, fill in lines, prevent creasing and protect the delicate eye tissue.

Use the Smudge Stick liner in Egyptian Clay and rim the entire eye with a nice fat line, then apply a second thick line over the top line to cover half the eyelid with the Smudge Stick. Smudge the liner over the eye lid with a brush or with fingertips.

Apply the muted violet shadow over entire lid and up into orbital ridge (your natural crease) and apply the carbon in the outer corner and under half of the lower lash line. Take your time in blending the colors.

Finish by lining the inner tear rim with Cleopatra Black Smudge Stick and apply a healthy coat of Fibre Optic Mascara in Black. Apply a second and third coat of mascara to achieve the modern smokey eye.

Remember, when you are creating an intense eye look like this, play down your lips. This heavy eye is complimented best with the Twin Set Lipstick and Gloss Duo in the Skinny Dip shade. Or the Smile Gloss in either shade.

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