Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pick for Worst Foundation: Ulta Fabulous Face

Do you shop at Ulta a lot? Then you'll know what I'm talking about when I tell you I was a level 4 rewards member. Basically depending on how much money you spend at Ulta, in one quarter, you get a free item of choice. My item was any ULTA foundation.

So first I did a bit of research, on which ones had the best reviews. I came up with the Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation ($12.50) in Nude Beige. It promises full coverage, and a natural finish.

Let's just say I'm glad I received this for free. It left my skin oily and greasy, while providing virtually no coverage. It had worn off after about 2-3 hours, leaving my skin blotchy. I would say the only reason this is called "Natural Finish Foundation" is because it does leave your skin natural, as in "No coverage whatsoever"

Here's a quick swatch of what I could get in a picture. It looks somewhat promising on my hand, but when applied to the face it did no good. Remember, foundation is supposed to cover your blemishes and leave your skin looking even and flawless, not bring out the lines leave you looking shiny. Even with my beloved MAC SkinFinish Natural over this, I looked very greasy. That would be my #1 complaint with this product. If you look closely at my swatch, you can already see it fading from the top of my hand. It almost feels like they added water to the foundation, giving it a lightweight, but also cheap feeling.

You can try the Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation for yourself for $12.50 at your local Ulta. Have you tried anything from the Ulta line? I won't say that I will stay away from their entire line, but as far as drugstore foundation goes, I will stick to Maybelline.

Disclosure: This product was purchased by me for the purpose of this review.

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