Friday, February 4, 2011

Rodan + Fields: Anti Age AMP System

Are you sick of reading about the same old boring skin care lines I usually talk about? Most anti aging systems consists of 3 things; moisturizer, cleanser and eye cream. Well I have a new exciting skin set for you to indulge in! Welcome to the future of skin care!

The Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE AMP System($200) scared me a bit at first, needles on my face? Little scary, in fact if you're too rough with this little device it will scratch your face. The first time I tried this I cut myself a bit because I wasn't careful.

The AMP MD roller device is made of surgical grade, stainless steel acupuncture micro-needles. The tool is gently rolled over the face and neck, where it safely and comfortably creates precise micro-channels in the skin's protective uppermost layers.

The micro-needle roller is quick, easy and painless to use and is reusable. Maximum effects are seen using it just one minute each day to help keep skin firm and supply. With regular use of the ANTI-AGE Regimen and AMP MD Maximum Delivery System, skin becomes smoother and softer, and changes have been reported after the first use. Based upon clinical trials and early test subjects, within 8 weeks of using the Rodan + Fields AMP MD micro-needle roller, skin appears firmer, lines and wrinkles become less noticeable, pores look tighter, and the overall complexion becomes more youthful. Remember, it is never too soon or too late to begin a healthy future for your skin!

The package also comes with a plastic container with cleaning tablets for easy cleaning. Just make sure you take care of your roller device and clean it twice a week for the best results.

The last part of the Anti Age System is the Anti Age Renewing Serum which is totally different from the serums I'm used to. (As you can see from the above pic) You get 60 capsules with the serum inside, so in order to get the serum out you have to twist the top, which for me created a mess the first couple times! But after I got used to the capsules I was able to get great use out of them. These enhance your skin's texture and reduce the size of your pores. Used with the roller device, you will see extreme results. Sold separately, the serum sells for $89.00

Final Thought: I have been using the entire system for a week and my face is already firmer and softer. I'm not sure if it's because of the roller, the serum or a combo of both. Rodan + Fields has really outdone themselves with this one. The whole package is innovative and I think it's a glimpse of what we see in the future of skincare. You can purchase the Anti Age AMP System at Rodan + Fields for $200. Be on the lookout for this product to become extremely popular, I'm sure there will be infomercials and promotions coming soon!

Disclosure: Product was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. AMP MD System and our Anti-Age Regimen was featured on the Today Show by Allure Magazine's Founder and Editor Linda Wells on January 5th as a "Must Have Anti-Aging Product of 2011"! That was amazing free press. This patented system and clinically proven product line can be purchased all together for only $300 as a Preferred Customer (a savings of about $100 off retail!) Here is the link:
    Read my blog at to learn more!

  2. As a research based Registered Nurse, I love the clinical base and results driven focus of the Rodan + Fields Anti-Age regimen. I have many customers who have been using the AMP MD tool, with visible results demonstrated within the first 2 weeks. The medicine base of the products, combined with the unique delivery system of the AMP MD tool, is an amazing combination. Check out the product website using the following link:

  3. Within 2 weeks of using the AMP MD system, everyone at work was telling me how great my skin looked and asking how to purchase the AMP MD. Purchase yours at Message me at for more information and before/after pictures.

  4. My customers are getting incredible results with the Rodan + Fields AMP MD/Anti Age System. Their friends are noticing the difference in their skin, and want to know where to get this system that is producing such amazing results! Dr. Rodan & Dr. Fields have developed this patent-pending Anti-Age System to solve a critical skincare challenge - delivering active ingredients to the proper target...and they've done it with this system! Smoothes..firms...corrects...prevents. Anti-age for wrinkles, pores and loss of firmness. Preferred Customers get 10% off and FREE shipping. To find out more, go to: or message me at:

  5. An important fact and detail about the AMP MD Maximum Delivery System is that the micro channeling roller is a ONE TIME PURCHASE*, therefore, your ongoing investment for fully guaranteed, results-oriented skincare is considerably less. AMP MD works like nothing on the market today available in anti-aging. If you're looking for a flawless, rich looking complexion you may order all Rodan + Fields products at
    * The average life of the micro-channeling roller is one year.

    If you'd like to represent Rodan + Fields, the San Francisco based office, and grow the market for our products, please write

  6. I've been a R.N. for 20 years and I've seen NOTHING that comes close to the results I and my customers are seening with the AMP MD system! This company offers it's customers a 60-day, empty bottle guarantee with all it's products so it is simply risk-free...NOT what you get with retail or prescription products! The independent clinical research has shown this system decreases the width AND Depth of wrinkles. The peptides within the night renewing serum plus the channelling effects of the roller for deeper penetration PLUS the collagen stimulation effect from the roller offer increased firmnes, fewer wrinkles, & improves the texture & minimizes pore. I'm in LOVE with MY results. I definitely recommend!!

    If you'd like more information regarding these amazing products, would like to learn how to save 10% on all products & receive free shipping OR would be interested in partnering with Drs. Rodan + Fields, go to

    Starla Edwards, RN, MSN

  7. Thank you so much for your incredible review!

    I'm hearing nothing but great things from my customers and my business partners. I agree that it looks scary, especially as a person with a fear of needles. It does feel strange, unless you're used to rolling needles on your face, but the results make it all worth it.

    I joined this company with the goal of getting my skincare for free. I greatly exceeded that my first month in the business and am helping others do the same. Whether you're interested in trying this system risk-free for 60 days or looking to secure your own financial future, you owe it to yourself to learn more. Contact me at for more information. I look forward to helping you find the perfect solutions for your skin, and maybe for your life.

  8. Proven results...that what this delivers. Try it for yourself and you will not be disappointed. The first thing I noticed was that overnight my face felt more hydrated than ever before and that my eye area was tighter and firmer. I've been using Rodan+Fields skincare since June 2009 and it just keeps getting better. These doctors know what they are talking about. Never too early to start using, nor too late. If you want to maintain, keep doing the same things youre doing now. But if you want changed skin go to and msg me for a free consultation.

  9. I started in this company while it was still a "secret" to the Nation in 2007. I immediately got that these 2 already "renowned" Dermatologists were going to change the face of Skincare "again"!! This time focusing on the Anti-Aging arena. When I was told I could have a piece of this action, "I" was in!! I had a immediate need to fund "Project Runway". My Wedding and Honeymoon to pay for in 2008. Not only did these amazing products get our little faces in "great shape" for my wedding day picutures, we had plenty of extra money for the up and coming bills that a very special day like this brings! Thanks to Rodan and Fields Dermatoligist, we accomplished both!
    If you have a financial goal you'd like to meet, or would love to have "amazing looking skin", I'd be happy to help! Email Or my website:

  10. Bella, thanks for your generous and fabulously accurate review! I've only been using AMP MD and Anti-Aging products for 2 weeks and it is hard to keep my hands off my is so soft and smooth! I'm 51 years old and foundation-free! Friends in the North Metro Atlanta area...seeing is believing! Contact me to view and sample products AND for an amazing ground-floor biz opportunity. Can't wait to talk to you...

  11. You won't see this in infomercials! The only way to get this is through Rodan+Fields Independent Consultants! It is also a patent-pending proprietary blend so no one else has it. In conjuction with the Anti-Age regimen, the results are better than botox! You can find it at: but if you're interested in how you can partner with these brilliant doctors, go to:


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