Monday, February 14, 2011

Smell Bent Radio Dada Collection

Indie line Smell Bent has launched Radio Dada, a collection of five fragrances “inspired by the artwork of legendary dada and surrealist masters”:

Lobster Cellphone ~ “pink grapefruit, citrus peel, tomato leaf, and ozone over cheerful musk. lobster has never gotten a better reception.” (My personal favorite)

Fuzzy Teacup ~ “white champa flower paired with peach, jasmine, cream, honey and muhuhu oil. this cup runneth away with our hearts.”

Mots Verts ~ “hyacinth, rhubarb, green carnation and katrafay over crisp vetiver, vanilla bean and cream musk. it’s no better to be safe than sorry.

Disagreeable Object ~ “bitter orange and petitgrain spiced with cumin, celery, curry leaf, pepper, siam wood and bois de rose. this one’s got a little bite to it!”

Exquisite Corpse ~ “bergamot, tuberose, mimosa, white + green pepper, and sweet earth underscored with animal notes. a corpse has never smelled.”

The Smell Bent Radio Dada fragrances are available in 8 ml Perfume Oil, 4 or 55 ml Eau de Toilette. They can be purchased at the Smell Bent website. (via newsletter from Smell Bent)

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