Thursday, February 24, 2011

Travel Through Time- Rodan + Fields Anti Age Meter App

Travel Through Time with Rodan + Fields Age-O-Meter

A New Interactive Facebook App That Gives You A Sneak Peek Into the Future

Can your face go the distance? Find out with Rodan + Fields unique new facebook App ( that uses age progression software to show users what they might look like in 30 years. This fun, viral campaign, available on Rodan + Fields facebook fan page, offers a peek into your future. Users submit a snapshot of themselves via webcam or file upload and in less than 30 seconds they are presented with an image of what they might look like in the future.

“The sneak peak can be a major wake-up call,” said Lori Bush, President and General Manager of Rodan + Fields. “But there’s a message here; how we age is largely in our control and it’s never too late…or to soon…to take control of our skin’s destiny.”

The Age-O-Meter uses age progression software with automatic face identification and recognition of facial features coupled with a special bio-morphing technique to convincingly age the face 30 years. Developed for Rodan + Fields by Beyond, a leading digital creative agency, the Age-O-Meter was created as an interactive tool to not only provide women and men a realistic look at how their skin might age, but to offer them skincare options to slow down that process.

“This has to be one of the most exciting social campaigns we have created,” declared David Hargreaves, CEO Beyond. “I ‘aged myself’ and shared the results my wife. She called right away and said ‘OMG! You end up like your dad!’

To take a look at how your face may age, visit More than 2,500 unique visitors uploaded their images within the first 24 hours of its launch and the number is growing daily as the App becomes viral

Check out me in 35 years!

Whoa.. ok I'm scared!

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