Friday, March 18, 2011

Amika Obliphica Oil

Amika Obliphica Oil ($34) 3.38 fl oz is a natural oil that provides deep conditioning without weighing your hair down. It contains Sea Buck Thorn Berry which is one of my favorite healthy ingredients. I always worry about putting oil in my hair because it can sometimes make your hairs greasy and way too oily. The Amika Oil is meant to restore your locks back to it's natural state. It replenishes tired dull dry hair into full healthy beautiful waves!

Simply apply a few drops to the palm and then evenly distribute through damp or dry hair. It is also perfect for nourishing hair before and after blow drying or styling. The Oil Treatment can also be added to enhance other conditioning or styling products.

So I was a little bummed it didn't smell like sea buckthorn berry which smells delicious, I used to drink this as a supplement and it tastes a bit like orange juice but the oil still smelled good. A bit perfume like. I applied this to the ends of my hair only because I was afraid my roots would get greasy. After I blow dried my hair I noticed my ends were actually doing what I wanted them to. And trust me, this is a big surprise. I usually take a large round brush and curl my ends in, but it never seems to go the way I want. This time however my hair did exactly what I wanted to! Now of course this is not what the oil says it does, but this is only my personal experience.

I did notice a good amount of frizz was missing from my hair, so this is one of the better oils I've tried. Most have left my hair feeling greasy and a little too shiny. The Amika Obliphica Oil gave me more control of my hair, with just a small amount. My sister who has much less frizz then me said she saw no difference in the texture of her hair, but we have opposite types, and it's also possible she didn't use enough. She also doesn't have the color damage that I do. Keeping my hair healthy is very important because I'm a natural brunette who dyes my hair blonde every 4-6 weeks.

Buy: You can purchase Amika Hair Oil for $34 online at Shop Amika. I think this would benefit anyone that suffers from unmanageable, unruly hair especially ends that might be damaged from the heat or color.

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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