Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anastasia Brow Duality Highlighter Review

Brow Duality ($23) is designed for those who want the best of both worlds...Anastasia has married her customer favorites into one! Chunky dual ended pencil featuring matte highlighter on one end and shimmer highlighter on the other. This pencil brings subtle focus to the brow bone. Use the Matte side during the day to create a soft highlight. For those nights on the town, use the Shimmer side to give your eyes that soft satiny glow. I tried Shell/Lace which has a light matte pencil on one end, and a gold bronze highlighter on the other. Cool concept eh?

There are pros and cons to this pencil. I actually wish both ends had the light matte color, this is the one I used most often. It's perfect for under your brow bone and in your tear duct area. I've been using it everyday, and I've drove the pencil down quite a bit. A good sharpener is a must for this pencil, for obvious reasons. The pencil is much chunkier then your average eyeliner or brow liner, it's thicker, which I actuall favor now.

The Gold/Bronze end is better used for an eyeshadow. The directions say this can be used at night time for a highlighter, but I personally don't see it like that. An eyeshadow however is perfect.

As you can see my before and after pics, a highlighter under my brow arch is crucial for a complete look. It makes your brow look more arched, more finished, and just overall better. This is a recent trick I learned from another beauty blogger, I can't believe I wasn't doing it before. The Anastasia Brow Pencil is perfect for under the brow because it won't fade off throughout the day, and it won't smear.

And in case you were looking for another use for this amazing highlighter, white matte can be used around your lips to make them appear larger. A friend of mine taught me this trick. Simply take the pencil, and instead of lining your lips, line above the lips on the actual skin lightly for a lip enhancement. This trick is more more effective then your lip plumpers. Trust me it works. If anyone needs a tutorial or before and after pics I'll be happy to post some.

I really like the Anastasia Brow Highlighter, Anastasia is always my go to for brow products, and it's essentially all I use. She really has mastered the perfect brow. This pencil is perfect for people not used to a highlighter pencil, because it's so easy to use. The only drawback is make sure you get a great pencil sharpener, I recommend Urban Decay. You can purchase the Brow Highlighter at and course Anastasia's website.

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the puprose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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