Sunday, March 27, 2011

Best Products Under $10

If you're on a budget, and you can't really afford all those high end makeup brands, here's a post for you. I've been meaning to do this for a while, however I had to find my absolute favorite drugstore brands so I could share with you guys. These items are JUST as good if not better then brands like Urban Decay, NARS and so on. Some you might have heard of, some not. I tried to get an array of DIFFERENT things for you to read about too.

1.) ELF Liquid Eyeliner ($1.00 at Target) Ok people this is ONE Freakin Dollar! When I bought it, I was like "Yah ok this is REALLY gonna suck" but no, this is one of my favorites. It's jet black and has a nice tip for easy applying. This is now my go to black liquid liner because I can buy literally 20 of these, for the price of what I was paying before.

2) Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Tinted Moisturizer ($9.99 at Ulta) Ok I made a mistake. I guess I bought this on sale, and now it's priced at $14.99 Oh well, still gonna tell you guys I love it. Physicians Formula has been impressing me lately with their new sun products. Can be worn alone or under your foundation to give you a nice healthy glow. It also has SPF 50 so it's gonna protect you from the sun. It's one of the best tinted moisturizers I've came across and I'm giving it an A + way to go Physicians Formula!

3) Jergens Natural Glow ($7.99) Ok isn't this on everyone's list? I know a lot of people that use this. It's a good body moisturizer that can be used all day. It gives you a nice glow, so it's almost like a self tanner but it's not instant, and with daily use, your skin will turn into a beautiful color. I know people that swear by this product, it's pretty fabulous. I use this mostly when I'm self tanning with different products, and I use Jergens for my feet and hands. As some people know, self tanner will never look right on your feet, so instead I use this as an alternative. Plus my feet are always so pale. What's up with that? You can buy this at almost any drugstore, Walmart, Target you name it.

4.) Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick ($4.99) These were on sale at Walgreens for $2.99 and I snatched up four of them. There was one color I found myself loving, "Pink Sugar" which is a sheer light pink with golden flicks almost IDENTICAL to one of my favorite lipsticks Estee Lauder Wild Blossom. (Review coming soon) Ok so the color is really really sheer, and no matter how many times you apply it won't look any darker, which I like. It's moisturizing and almost glossy. Although this is my favorite color, Revlon's Color Burst lipsticks have been flying off the shelves, and I can see why. Next time you're at Walgreens or CVS I would check and see if there is a color that suits you.

5)I already reviewed this but I can't rave enough about Wet N Wild's Color Icon Palette ($2.99) This is becoming my favorite eyeshadow, and I find myself using it more then my Urban Decay Naked palette. The colors blend so easily together, I can't believe how much I paid for it. I'm sure Walgreens could have gotten at least 6 bucks outta me for this. Read my review here.

Im kicking myself in the head, because I forgot SO many others, but the real gem I forgot was my favorite mascara Maybelline Great Lash (around $7) It's the only mascara I use, unless I'm testing out another one, although I am starting to love Anastasia of Beverly Hills Lash Lifter. I'm starting to realize I've sheltered myself in the mascara world, because I'm so hesistant to try new ones. Maybe it's because most of the drugstore brand mascaras are a big dissapointment, and I really don't want to shell out $25 bucks to try one out at Sephora. I think it was last year, I purchased the Sephora "Best of Lashes" collection, which is the box they put out each year, so you can try their best sellers. I was so excited, and afterwards, I think I just threw it out. I didn't like ANY of them. In fact, I went back to my Maybelline. But I promise you, I will get a bit braver and start testing out different mascaras. Does anyone have any ideas where to start?

And if you have other drugstore products I should check out please let me know! I would love to find more makeup under $10 that works just as good as the "other" brands.


  1. My favorite eyeliner pencil is Maybelline's Expert Eyes. It's about $4 I think, and it goes on really smooth and creamy and the more you use it the smoother it gets to the point were you can use it on your waterline. It kinda breaks easily so you have to be careful with it but I love that pencil. I also love ELF's liquid "lipsticks" that are actually more like lipgloss. They are the ones with the soft felt tip and you twist them...and they are $1! I love the minty smell/taste and even though the colors don't really show too well, they are a great lipgloss and work for me. Right now I'm trying to figure out a good foundation for me and it's kinda tough... I want something wet and creamy, covers redness, but it's not too greasy because I have oily skin. =/ I'm on a search for the perfect foundation but I don't know if I'll ever find it...

  2. thanks so much! gonna check that out!

  3. Great picks! For mascara, I would recommend you try Lancome's Definicils Mascara. I've been using it for a few weeks now and am really loving it!


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