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Creating the Best Looking Eyebrows

I have a crazy addiction to eyebrow products, and more specifically, Anastasia Of Beverly Hills. I was first introduced to the company a couple years ago when I reviewed their famous Brow Powder Duo which I have used everyday since. This was before, when I was LESS experienced in eyebrow makeup and pretty new to it all. I used to only use an eyeshadow to fill in my brows, now looking back how was I silly enough to not being using a brow gel or a brow pencil? Ugh I'm so ashamed. The most embarrassing part is I shaved off my eyebrows at around the age of 15 because I hated the shape of them, and they've never grown back correctly since. So it's extra important for ME to find a good eyebrow product. Much more important then say someone who has gorgeous natural brows and doesn't need all the extra help.

Anastasia of Beverly Hills really has shown me the way to get my best eyebrows. They continue and will always remain my favorite company for this important part of my makeup regimen. When you think about it, not many people do their eyebrows correctly. They can be too thick, too thin, the wrong colors, the arch can be wrong, so many different things. And it's not as easy as it sometimes look. The below charts are great ways to create the perfect brow, if you haven't already seen this before:

Brows should began at the tear duct (lines A and D). The arch should begin at the end of your pupil (lines B and E). Next, the tail of brow ends at lines C and F. You can measure these points with any straight edge. Be sure to use the tip of your left or right nostril as a guide. This is just a basic introduction to creating a good shape for your eyebrow.

I recently discovered the gel/wax you use to create the "shape" of your eyebrow before you apply the powder. I was using Benefit's Brow Zings for a while, but I noticed the gel would start to smear after 1-2 hours. Not good. I've also purchased numerous products from QVC and HSN that all got sent back.

So here is what I do for my eyebrows each day, if you haven't tried it I highly suggest giving it a go. The first step is choosing the right color. ( If you get the wrong eyebrow color, it will look extremely fake) The second step is knowing how to shape your brow. (Some have more work then others, depending on how many brow hairs you have) And the 3rd step is choosing the best product (You don't want it to look too pencil like)

1.You always want to tweeze your eyebrows first. Use a good pair, I personally like Anastasia's Precision tweezers. They are stainless steel and have a slanted tip to get rid of even the finest hairs.

2. Create the shape of your eyebrows. For this I recommend Anastasia's Brow Wiz ($20) I have this in Ash Blonde and Medium Ash. Depending my skin color or hair color, I use this to line my eye and create my arch. Just as a start for how I want my eyebrow to line up. This pencil is amazing because it doesn't look like a pencil line, it's much more natural looking. The other end works as a brush, which I unfortunatly don't use because I don't have enough hairs to brush, but others could use this to look your brows look more full.

2) Next you take a wax which will hold the color in place and will make your eyebrows look more natural. Being True's Arch Rival ($55) is similar to Benefit's Brow Zing, except the wax is much more natural looking and doesn't smear as much as Benefit's. It comes with 2 different eyeshadows, the top being a little bit lighter, and the bottom being darker, which are nice as well. They are very similar to Anastasia's colors, but the wax for me is the must have. This is the best brow wax I have found, and that is comparing it all the high end brands. I have tried 99% of all eyebrow products on the market, so I consider myself ALMOST an expert.

The left is Benefit's Brow Zings, and the right is Being True's Arch Rival. Not only does Being True offer TWO colors, but the wax is not as tough and lasts longer then the other. Although the size in product is different, quality is always better then quantity.

3) After you've used the wax, you want to fill in your brow with the correct color. This is the most important part because choosing the best shade is crucial. The most universal, and best color I've found is the Anastasia Brow Powder in Blonde. The two colors in the middle are what I've found to be the best color for my skin and hair. You can buy them in the Beauty Express Kit (which also comes with a brush, stencils and eyeshadow) or in the brow duo ($22) A review of the Beauty Express Kit will be coming up soon.

These colors are the most natural shadows for your eyebrows, maybe because they are especially designed for that area. Before I was using this particular shade I was using MAC's Espresso which is a similar color, but looked a little fake.

Once I've completed all the above steps, I will take again take the Brow Whiz, and go over any spots I feel need more definition. I recommend this tutorial for people with little to no eyebrows, as I think women who have darker or much thicker eyebrows will not require such an extensive routine.

Finished Eyebrow!

The before pic is a bit scary, so I won't reveal it, but let's just say I have little to no eyebrow hair, only a fine line tattoo that I received a couple years ago.

You can purchase the products listed above at Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Sephora and Being True Cosmetics. I hope this review helps anyone looking for better eyebrows, only because it's such a pain buying tons of different liners and shadows that promise to create natural looking brows, only to dissapoint. Trust me, I've been there. I hope this posting will save you guys some money in the perfect brow search!

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. This is an awesome post! Thanks for the tips! I also have thin eyebrows, so I can really benefit from this tutorial!


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