Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Giella Cosmetics Review

I recently had the chance to try out Giella Cosmetics, which is a custom blend cosmetics company. What this means, is there is a color for everyone. I haven't had many pleasant experiences with mineral makeup. I usually find that it creeps into the fine lines around my eyes and mouth, making me look older, whereas liquid foundation makes my skin look smoother and more even toned. Giella cosmetics uses natural ingredients for all their cosmetics, which is always a plus. No one likes to put chemicals on their face, especially me. So because it's been a while since I've used mineral makeup, and my skin has changed a lot since then, I figured I would give it another go. I received a few things from Giella, and they are pretty fabulous. The larger jar, I think is a foundation, or possibly a bronzer. I sampled it as a foundation, however it is clearly not my color or maybe I used it incorrectly. The lip gloss is my absolute favorite, and I'm wondering why I don't already have a color like this in my collection.

It's a pinkish mineral powder that I tried to apply as a foundation. Typically mineral foundations don't give me full coverage, and can be hard to apply evenly, even with the best of brushes. I really wanted to like this, because wearing mineral powder would give me so many more options, and it's usually cheaper then my favorite liquid foundations. Plus the size was pretty large, although I'm not sure of the size because there is absolutely no label. Things with no label make me a little nervous because you're never quite sure what it is. I attempted to apply this to my face, and I know the pic is hard to see, but it made me look rather blotchy. I couldn't seem to apply this correctly. I even tried to use it as a bronzer or blush, but it started to chunk up on certain areas of my skin, and made me feel a bit dry in certain spots. Maybe I just applied it wrong, or the color was not correct for me. I'm at a loss, and I wish I could give you guys the name and color.

Now that the bad is out of the way, let's talk about the good. Giella Concealer is a lightweight concealer that covers your imperfections from dark circles to pimples. Just a little dab with a small brush will you give a fairly good cover, especially under the eye, which is my problem area. I really like the swivel top, instead of the usual lid. The concealer comes in 13 different shades, and I'm not sure which color I have, but it matches my skin tone fairly well. It might be one shade too light. Lately I've been loving more of a thick formula, like Benefit's Erase Paste, but when I want a lighter coverage, maybe during the day or before I work out, I will use the Giella Concealer. The only issue I have is the strong smell. I don't like when my face makeup has any scent. This smells very medicine like. It took me a couple uses to get used to. It's not the most pleasent smell, and if you have a sensitive nose, you might want to pass. I found that it gave me great coverage though, and I do love what it does for my under eye area.

The products I was most excited to try was the lipstick and lipgloss from Giella. The lipstick which was a pretty dark brown, however I'm afraid I couldn't pull it off. The shade was incredibly dark on me. It's somewhat of a matte chocolate brown, no much shimmer or pigment, it's just way off for my skintone. It didn't look TOO dark in the container, but once I swatched it on my arm and lips, I had to take it right off. I think this would be better fitted for someone with much darker skin. I sadly could not pull this off.

The real gem in this collection is the lipgloss. The color is "Bubbles" ($28) and it's so pretty. It is a semi opaque semi sheer baby pink that is packed full of moisture, and comes with the doe foot wand. There is a scent/taste but I can't quite figure out what it is. Maybe a little orange and cinammon with a little bit of that "lipstick taste" The only downfall might be the high price tag at $28 for an average sized tube which is a tad expensive, but overall this is now my one of my favorite lipglosses in my collection. I don't think I have a color or gloss like this in my hundreds of lipglosses stash. (Yes I know, I'm addicted)

The tube will last you a good amount of time though because one swipe with the doe foot, will give you a lot of color. (See below) My lips only have one coat of the gloss, and you can see there is a ton of coverage.

(Lipstick, Lip gloss in "Bubbles Big difference eh?)

Final Thought: Giella Cosmetics is a favorite of many celebs, and makeup artists have been raving about their company for quite some time. The only thing I didn't like was the foundation, but that is only because it was the wrong color, so I can't fault the actual product. The lip gloss is a must have, and the concealer is lighweight, compact and leaves you looking very natural looking. My opinion hasn't really changed about mineral makeup, I don't know if I'll ever latch on to it.

Buy: You can purchase Giella Cosmetics at Giella's online website. They are also on Facebook

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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