Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mistral Soap Fragrance Review

Lately it seems like every scent I smell is too strong for me. Maybe it's all these celeb fragrances, they all kind of smell the same. So this review is a bit refreshing, because I not only found one but TWO scents are are perfect for me.

Let me being by telling you about Mistral, which is the company behind the perfume. They carry an array of soaps, bath and shower products and of course a wide variety of fragrances. I was blessed to be able to try 2 scents that I adore and I probably can't live without. You know how every scent is different to different people? Well I had my friends and family smell each perfume, and every single one said they loved the scent. PLUS my mother who despises fruity smells was a big fan. So you KNOW these are good. Each bottle is the perfect blend of fruit and flowers, making everyone happy. I've come to realize either you're a fruity smell lover or a flowery lover. There's little in between.

Each bottle comes housed so pretty with a little ribbon around the top, which was the first thing I noticed about the perfume. A lot of times bad perfume will make up with super cute packaging so I was a bit hesistant on what I was in for.

Wild Blackberry ($52) is a complex fruit medley of four unique, yet equally exquisite berries. Essences of sweet grenadine, lemon and orange swirl around a green heart of crushed violet leaves while vanilla and musk carry this scent to perfect fruition. I'm not sure if it smells exactly like Blackberry, but the scent is damn good! It's a violet berry smell that isn't too strong. It's got a nice fresh soft fragrance that lingers on your skin, and after a while creates an even nicer smell. And isn't the bottle adorable? It looks so cute on my bathroom counter, almost too pretty to use up. But don't worry! It's already half gone.

My favorite scent out of the 2 has to be the Grapefruit Red Currant ($52)this is a lively, uplifting citrus scent that captures the essence of ripe, yellow grapefruits and tangy red currants. White jasmine, lemon blossom and freesia complement an alluring blend of sweet and tart aromas, creating a fresh fragrance for any season. When you first apply the scent, it might come across a bit tart, but afterwards it wears off to a softer beautiful array of sweetness. This scent reminds me of the Sweet Tart candies I used to eat when I was younger, a tangy bitter scent but it comes off perfectly . I'm not sure how Mistal came up with this fragrance but it's very unique with the perfect amount of each ingredient. Beautiful packaging plus A+ smell? Love LOVE this.

Final Thought: These perfumes are a must have for me. In fact, I'm extremely curious about the other scents they carry. I have nothing bad to say about these products, except maybe the $52 price tag. But I would gladly pay that because of the quality of what you're purchasing. You can purchase these perfumes at

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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