Friday, March 11, 2011

ProRituals Hair Care

ProRituals by Jingles is an eco-friendly stylistically advanced hair care and color line that features paraben and sulfate-free formulas that deliver superior results. Inspired by nature and driven by fashion, ProRituals boasts a full wet styling and color line that covers gray like no other.
I've never heard of ProRituals but I was curious to try them out. My hair is so dry and damaged lately from all the color I've been putting into it, I'm always looking for a miracle. My scalp has also been under the weather, it's been extremely dry and flaky. Plus no one wants to use icky drug store dandruff shampoos that usually smell awful! (No offense to drug store brands!)

The ProRituals Hair & Scalp Therapy is an oil treatment meant to protect and nourish color treated hair. It's like the hair gods answered my prayers when they sent me this! My scalp continues to be my biggest problem for dryness, and this Scalp Therapy once applied directly to the scalp really did get rid of the dry skin. It seals your cuticles and locks in your color so it won't start to look faded. This is especially important to me because I'm a natural brunette and I've been wearing my hair blonde. Keeping my hair bright and fresh looking is important because a little bit of carelessness could leave my hair looking horrible. The ProRituals Scalp Therapy is one way to save my hair from dry dull looking locks.

And what about a serum for your hair? Till now I thought serum was for the skin! The Radiance Serum will fight humidity and smooth your frizz and flyaways. I did see a difference in my frizz, only because I suffer from crazy wavy hair when I don't put the correct products in. Before using this serum I was using my beloved Aquage Smoothing Straightner which I can't ever seem to find in my local beauty stores. This is a great alternative to the Aquage. You can apply it to dry hair or damp hair and is guaranteed to give you gloss and shine.

I am pleased with ProRituals Haircare, and the only downfall is I can't seem to find a place near me to purchase. Click here to find a salon or beauty supply center near you.

Have you tried ProRituals? Thoughts? I think I'll be trying out their conditioner and shampoo next!

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